VPRPL secures contract from North Western Railway for Churu-Sadulpur doubling project

In order to advance the railway infrastructure development, Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Ltd. has recently clinched a significant order worth approximately 908.97 million from North Western Railway. The order includes civil work in connection with the Churu-Sadulpur doubling project, representing a major advancement in the development of railway infrastructure in the region.

More Details:

Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Limited, a renowned name in the infrastructure development sector, has received a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) from North Western Railway. The contract pertains to the project titled “Earthwork in filling and cutting in formation, blanketing, trolley refuges, toe, wall, retaining wall, pitching, construction of minor bridges & LHS, FOB, platform, platform shelters, S&T structures, cable duct and other ancillary works between Sadulpur to Churu in Connection with Churu-Sadulpur doubling project, valued 908.97 million, marking a significant step forward in enhancing the region’s railway network.

Brief about the work under Contract:

  • Earth work in formation in cutting/formation & blanketing including pitching and retaining wall and toe wall.
  • Extension of existing 2nos. minor bridges by RCC Box, 7nos. LHS extension and 1no. New LHS by RCC Box.
  • Construction of dog legged ramped FOB/Subway at Dokwa, Dudhwa Khara, Hadyal, Sirsala & Aslu stations.
  • Construction of a high-level passenger platform at Dudhwa Khara, Hadyal & Aslu stations including water booth arrangement and high-level passenger platform at Dokwa & Sirsala halt.
  • Construction of 02 bays PF shelter on new platforms at Dudhwa Khara, Hadyal & Aslu stations and 01 bays on Dokwa & Sirsala halt.
  • Construction of S&T structures at Sadulpur, Dudhwa Khara, Hadyal & Aslu stations including construction of passenger waiting Hall.
  • Construction of Auto Huts, Gang rest shelter, cable duct etc. in between sections of Sadulpur to Churu stations.
  • All Civil work for completion of work of doubling of Sadulpur to Churu and civil work for extension of Level crossings.
  • Construction of Rest House.
  • Electrical work of Buildings.


In conclusion, the award of Letter of Acceptance to Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Limited by North Western Railway for the Churu-Sadulpur doubling project, represents a significant landmark in regional railway development. This implies that this company is committed to improving transport facilities as illustrated through the extensive civil and structural enhancements across various stations such as platform upgrades, bridge extensions and S&T infrastructure. The integration of modern engineering practices with emphasis on passenger comfort and safety means that Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Limited will contribute immensely towards expansion and modernization of the railway network resulting in better connectivity within the region and beyond.

Source: VPRPL – Press Release | Image Credit (representational): North Western Railway

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