Waaree Merlin – High Performance Photovoltaic Module Technology

Date of Post: 31 Oct, 2017

India’s premier multi-diverse technology group having forte in multifarious verticals such as Solar Energy, Waaree Energies has entered into a tie-up with US-based Merlin Solar for incorporating the American company’s ‘Merlin’ technology into its production process. Merlin technology was founded in 2012 by the team of scientists & engineers based in Silicon valley ( United states of America ).The Conventional forms of solar deployment which rely on aluminum-framed-tempered-glass constructs are the industry work horse. However, their weight and rigidity prevent their use in applications that demand rugged, lightweight, flex tolerant, and aesthetic appeal. This has limited their use primarily to large grid connected solar farm applications.

Waaree Merlin delivers innovative crystalline silicon based solar solutions which address demanding deployments such as on metal roofs, auxiliary power for transportation, flush mounted residential solar, and military applications. Merlin Solar Technology Inc.®  is a Silicon Valley based innovator of photovoltaic cells and modules. MSTI®  FX Series PV module line is a bold innovative product designed for a wide range of PV applica- tions, including transportation, RV, marine and commercial.  The MSTI®  BR Series PV module line is created for commercial rooftops, ground mount and residential.  MSTI®  GX Series PV module line is specially constructed for applications such as commercial/residential rooftops, car ports, metal roofs and other weight sensitive environments.


Waaree Merlin, an innovative metallization and cell interconnect technology that improves the efficiency and lowers the cost of installing solar modules. Waaree Merlin transforms solar modules into less expensive, higher power panels. Waaree Merlin modules are lighter, produce more power, and are more rugged and durable. 10% reduction in total installed system cost compared to conventional systems Up to 80% less silver than traditional three busbar cells and modules Up to 50% lighter in weight, making it easier to install, transport and allows placement of panels in areas where traditional panels could not be installed 3-5% power increase per module compared to standard modules Increased durability and flexibility improves dynamic loading performance and reduces breakage during transportation and installation Flexible grid eliminates three busbar cell metallization, increasing fill factor and reducing shading losses, resulting in higher current and increased efficiency Wide, flexible grid connecting tabs allow for durable cell-to-cell connections, improving reliability at the same time as their high conductivity increases module efficiency Easy Integration Merlin metallization and interconnect technology works with any standard solar cell. Module manufacturers can use the same screen printing equipment to print the segmented fingers on the cell

Waaree Merlin technology improves the way cells connect by eliminating the need for stringing and tbing. The thin connecting strip running along the width of the grid provides a highly flexible and durable way to connect cells. Cells can now be connected more closely together making the module smaller than a conventional module. A common source of module failure occurs when ribbons break due to metal fatigue caused by dynamic loading conditions during shipping or in the field. The flexible connecting strip at the end of each grid solves this problem.


  • Founded in 2012 by a team of scientists and engineers based in Silicon Valley
  • A unique blend of Semiconductors and PV expertise
  • developed an innovative grid type system to collect energy from PV cells and interconnect the cells to form the module circuit
  • Acts as an exoskeleton reinforcing the cell
  • Results in flexibility and durability within the module never thought   possible
  • Allows module form factors never achievable until now
  • Domestic and international manufacturing

Image Credit: Waaree