Western Railway achieves more than Rs. 2386 crores from Parcel & Ticket Checking

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Western Railway has taken best possible efforts to increase its revenue and continued to maintain the momentum. WR performed exceptionally well and has already achieved a originating revenue of Rs. 2386.21 crore upto 17th May, 2022, in a matter of just 47 days. It is also noteworthy to mention that highest single day revenue of Rs. 67.61 cr has been generated o­n 17th May, 2022.

More details:

  • Revenue from Parcel & Ticket Checking surpasses the proportionate target set upto May 22.
  • According to a press release issued by Shri Sumit Thakur – Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, during the period from 1st April, 2022  to 17th May, 2022, WR achieved revenue to the tune of Rs. 2386.21 crore registering a growth of almost 73% in comparison to previous year for the corresponding period.

  • Out of this, revenue of above Rs. 684 cr has been garnered from Passenger sector and about Rs. 1625 cr has been generated from Goods sector.
  • Rs. 44.06 cr has been received from Parcel & Luggage which has registered an increase of 46.82% as against the previous year for the corresponding period.
  • Further, Ticket Checking has contributed a record breaking revenue of Rs. 32.59 cr, thereby, registering a growth of whopping 795% as against the same period last year.
  • Shri Thakur further informed that the paradigm shift in policies and aggressive marketing efforts by WR in various fields have led to the sustained growth of revenue.

Source: Western Railway -Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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