Western Railway launches 8 steel girders across tracks at Frere ROB between Charni Road and Grant Road stations

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Western Railway (WR), in a 6 hours block, launched 8 Nos of 25 m long steel girders across tracks at Frere ROB located between Charni Road and Grant Road stations of Western suburban section. The audit conducted by IIT Bombay had earlier suggested major repairs, however, subsequently condition of girders became precarious when the inspections revealed severe corrosion connections between longitudinal and cross girders supporting the road. IIT Bombay had therefore suggested immediate re-girdering.

  • The ROB was closed for traffic since the midnight of 16th/17th January, 2020. 
  • The dismantling of old girders was done o­n 8th February, 2020. 
  • The jacketing of existing abutment was taken up first o­n the west side & then east side including casting of new pedestals. 
  • A Traffic & Power block was taken between Charni Road & Grant Road station o­n the intermittent night of 24th & 25th August, 2020 o­n all the lines.
  • According to a release issued by Shri Sumit Thakur, CPRO, WR, the British era ROB was constructed in the year 1921. 
  • The ROB had a complex structure with 350 sqm of concrete slab supported o­n 10 Nos of 16m long tertiary girders, 14 Nos of 25m long secondary girders, 10 Cross girders of 16m length finally supported o­n two main girders of 25m length.


  • Amidst the restrictions of COVID pandemic and lockdown, WR has completed the fabrication of girders and strengthening of substructure of ROB and launched the girders across the tracks. 
  • The suburban section between Churchgate and Mumbai Central was closed during this period and all UP local trains were short terminated at Mumbai Central and down local trains were started from Mumbai Central during this period. 
  • Shri Thakur further added that re-girdering posed twin challenge of maintaining the level of approach road without appreciable raising and providing increased clearance under the bottom of girder to satisfy the requirement of Railway. 
  • WR took up the design themselves and these challenges were met with by a design with tapered girders that needed minimal raising road level of about 80 cm.

Other Details:

  • Special grade steel (E 450) has been used for girder fabrication to provide increased strength and service life. 
  • The girders were metalized and stainless steel reinforcement has been used in concrete to provide enhanced durability looking at the corrosive environment of Mumbai. 
  • The girders were fabricated in RDSO approved Workshop at Palghar.
  • Looking at the future increase in traffic the ROB will have two separate carriage ways with a divider in between and two pedestrian walkways o­ne o­n each sides.
  • The road width has also been increased to 17.50 m against the present width of 16.78 m.

The Western Railway intends to complete its portion of work by end of September, 2020. Rebuilding of approach road at this ROB is being done by MCGM.

Source: Western Railway-Press Release

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