Western Railway replaced steel plate girders by PSC slabs of old bridge on Virar-Vaitarna section

Western Railway has achieved a remarkable milestone by successfully replacing the steel plate girders of the old bridge on the Virar-Vaitarna section with PSC (Pre-Stressed Concrete) slabs. This significant upgrade will ensure smoother train operations over the section, enhancing overall safety and reliability.

More Details:

On the intervening night of 24th-25thMay, 2024, Western Railway took a block of 6 hours to replace steel plate girders of 62 year old Bridge No. 90 o­n the Virar – Vaitarna section. Western Railway achieved this remarkable feat by completing this work successfully in mere 6 hours which would have normally taken 8 hours. Moreover, the new infrastructure is expected to increase the sectional speed, contributing to more efficient and faster rail services for commuters.

Work in Brief:

  • The six-hour block was taken from 22.40 hrs to 4.40 hrs o­n UP line o­n the intervening night of 24th-25thMay, 2024 in Virar – Vaitarna section to replace the Steel Plate Girders of Bridge No. 90 of span 7 x 9.15 metre by PSC slabs.
  • A total of 28 PSC slabs and 7 retainers were used during the block. From the safety aspect of the bridge it was crucial to carry out this work since this was an old bridge made in 1962.
  • The channel sleepers of the bridge required replacement. The completion of the work is an important step towards increasing the sectional speed. It is also worthwhile to mention that the work was completed in a record time of 6 hours.

  • During this block other important engineering works were also carried out such as insertion of WCMS crossings, plain track tamping, insertion & examination of Switch Expansion Joints (SEJ), AT welding, unloading of ballast, etc.
  • The success of the work is a remarkable feat in providing better and more safer train travel experience for passengers.


The successful replacement of steel plate girders with PSC slabs will undoubtedly lead to smoother operations and increased speeds, significantly benefiting commuters. Western Railway’s proactive approach to modernization ensures a safer, more efficient, and reliable rail network, promising a better travel experience for all passengers.

Source: Western Railway – Press Release | Images Credit: Western Railway