Western Railway successfully completed infrastructure upgradation works at Mahim

Western Railway has successfully completed yet another major infra work of removing operational bottlenecks with a view to enhance safety and improve speed in train operations. 

More details:

  • The work of realignment of curves & removal of diamond crossings as well as points o­n Harbour lines at Mahim was successfully completed o­n 21st August, 2022.
  • According to a press release issued by Shri Sumit Thakur, Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, in yet another boost to infrastructure upgradation in the Mumbai suburban section, the work of realignment of Curve No. 1, 2 ,3 and 4 o­n DOWN Harbour line, removal of 2 diamond crossings and 4 points 175-176 & 177-178, was successfully completed. The work started from 20th June, 2022 by undertaking Traffic Work Order (TWO).

Shri Sumit Thakur further stated that the work involved dismantling of two redundant diamond crossovers and 4 points 177/178 and 175/176 o­n UP Fast line and DOWN Harbour lines. Also, the work of dismantling of redundant platforms o­n the above lines were undertaken which created space for track slewing. During the o­ngoing work, all DOWN Harbour trains skipped halt at Mahim station for 15 days. The work of slewing of curve no. 3 and 4 maximum upto 550 mm in total length 800m (including platform area of 274 m) & slewing of curve no. 1 and 2 maximum upto 1600 mm in a total length of 360m was undertaken. Further, lateral cutting/extension of entire PF No. 5 of DOWN Harbour line, Shifting of Point No 112 towards north by 2 meters and slewing of crossover 111/112 by 2 meters towards west were also undertaken to improve track parameters. Almost 4250 cubic meters of muck was excavated & removed from site by poclain, JCB and dumpers, during this work.

Giving further details, Shri Thakur stated that the completion of this work has benefitted in removing the mobility constraints & will help in improving the speed over the section. Three Permanent Speed Restrictions (PSRs) of 35, 30 & 35 kmph have been relaxed to 50 kmph.The removal of two diamond crossings and four Points will help in reducing the maintenance in Mahim yard. Also, the dismantling of redundant platforms o­n UP Fast line and DOWN Harbour lines at Mahim has created space for laying 6th line.

Source: Western Railway -Press Release