Women in Transport Awards 2017

Co-located with African Ports Evolution and African Rail Evolution, the Women in Transport Awards ceremony will take place 17 October 2017 at the Durban International Convention Centre, South Africa.

This year’s awards celebration will be attended by senior-level executives, key decision-makers and suppliers, within the rail and maritime industry. The awards will also acknowledge organisations which have stepped up and developed women’s roles through innovative training programmes and have demonstrated commitment to developing the careers of women in the industry.

Women are now found in many functional roles across the transport sector, from crane operators to senior executives. The Women in Transport awards is a collaborative platform dedicated to recognising excellence within the rail and maritime industry in Africa.

Women in Transport Awards 2017
Venue: Durban International Convention Centre, Durban, South Africa
Dates: 17 October, 2017
Entry: Registration Link
Show website: www.womenintransport.co.za