World Rail Festival 2017

World Rail Festival 2017

The World Rail Festival 2017 will be in its 7th year and it continues to grow and attract a large audience of rail operators from around the world. The conference will host hundreds of attendees, 100 speakers and 40 exhibition booths. Over 100 different global rail operators will be represented at this event.

The festival will take place over two days, the first featuring an opening keynote interview session with some of the most innovative rail CEOs from around the world. Following the keynote, we will host interactive roundtable discussions around some of the latest technology impacting the rail industry. In the afternoon and the following day we will host three dedicated streams around the key themes of the event. Over the 2 days we will feature 100 presentations, 20 round table debates and several hours of networking. The festival will be a fun and engaging experience designed to help you get the most out of the 2 days of your attendance. In short, this year promises to be the most spectacular event yet!

Revenue management and strategy is still a large part of the festival, drawing in CEOs and Revenue Management specialist from rail operator’s year on year. But now there are 5 more events and dedicated summits that cater to all aspects of the commercial rail passenger strategy and experience.

DIGITAL:  Digital transformation strategies for the world’s rail operators

TICKETING: Understand the next generation of mobile ticketing technology

EXPERIENCE:  Improving the rail passenger experience at every touch-point

ECOMMERCE & REVENUE MANAGEMENT: eCommerce, Revenue Management and booking strategies for the World’s rail operators

MARKETING & SOCIAL:  Marketing, social media and brand strategies for the worlds rail operators

World Rail Festival 2017
Venue:  Amsterdam, Netherlands
Date: 14-15 November 2017
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