3rd Transit Oriented Development World Summit 2019

While the development of cities has been historically linked to investing in urban regions, the concept of Transit Oriented Development has emerged as a response to traffic congestion and the prevention of urban sprawl. Transit Oriented Development has proven to help integrate modes of transport to save time, dependence on cars and improves physical health. It has also been seen a major solution to the serious growing problems of climate change and global energy security by creating dense, walkable communities that greatly reduce the need for driving and energy consumption, whilst driving urban and economic development.

Equip Global’s 3rd Transit Oriented Development World Summit 2019 taking place in Singapore from 24 – 27 September 2019 and will gather various Ministries of Transportation, National Development, and Infrastructure, Housing Authorities, Urban Development Authorities, Rail & Transport Operators, Investment firms and City Planners across Asia and globally to discuss their experience and knowledge on successful masterplans for today and tomorrow’s Transit Oriented Development Projects around the globe.

3rd Transit Oriented Development World Summit 2019
Venue: Singapore
Date: 24 – 27 September , 2019
Registration Link: Click Here
Show website: www.equip-global.com