Product Expertise: Nash Robotics & Automation Pvt. Ltd.

With over 20 years of experience in Welding & Joining, NASH is a global leader in manufacturing Weld Guns, Weld Controllers, and Material Handling Systems for the Railway Rolling Stock Industry, particularly for Metro Coaches.

Our Manual IT & Non-IT Guns, equipped with motorized Gantry systems, for Metro Coach welding like Side-wall, Under-frame, Roof, and End-wall for Stainless Steel (SS) welding, ensures high quality weld and durability.

We provide fully automatic weld equipment for Series Side-wall Spot welding, Robotic solutions for Roof Top Welding, and 6-Axis Manipulators for easy handling of large welding guns, up to 500 Kgs.

Our Welding equipment features advanced Electronic Controllers, offering options like AC, MFDC, MFDC Adaptive, and AC Inverter for precise control over the welding process.

NASH supplies equipment worldwide for Metro Projects, offering Turnkey Bodyshop solutions and 3D support for Gun Simulation.

Our Weld Guns, made from High Tensile Copper and Aluminum alloys, ensure superior spot quality, resulting in low noise levels inside the coaches, enhancing passenger comfort.

With our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, NASH remains at the forefront of the Welding & Joining industry.

Our focus on meeting the evolving needs of the Railway Rolling Stock Industry makes us the preferred choice for Metro Projects globally.

In summary, NASH’s decades of experience, advanced technology, and dedication to excellence ensure unmatched welding solutions for Metro Coaches.

We continue to drive progress in the Welding & Joining industry, delivering superior performance and reliability to our clients worldwide.

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