Kolkata Metro introduces new entry gate at Esplanade subway, improving passenger convenience 

In a strategic development, Kolkata Metro is enhancing the passenger travel experience through beneficial initiatives. As part of this commitment, the Esplanade Metro subway has introduced a new entry gate connecting the Blue Line to the Green Line, aimed at facilitating smoother transitions for commuters.

Image Credit: Kolkata Metro

More Details:

Metro Railway (Kolkata) has started commercial services o­n Howrah Maidan to Esplanade Green Line-2 Corridor from 15th March, 2024. From the very first day, this Corridor has become o­ne of the most sought after Corridors of Kolkata Metro as it has been enabling commuters coming from distant places of Howrah, Hooghly, Midnapore etc. to avail Metro services at Howrah station. At Esplanade, passengers can easily switch from Green Line Corridor to Blue Line Corridor and travel up to either Dakshineswar or Kavi Subhash using the integrated tickets.

Image Credit (representational): Kolkata Metro

Making Convenience for the Commuters:

  • For the benefit of the commuters, who switch from Blue Line to Green Line, Metro Railway authorities have opened a new entry gate for Green Line from Blue Line in the underground subway connecting these two Corridors.
  • This new entry gate opened in this subway is 12 feet wide which will streamline commuters’ movement especially in peak hours.

Image Credit (representational): Kolkata Metro
  • The existing 9-feet wide passage which used to be bifurcated with queue managers so far for switching of inward and outward passengers of both the Corridors, is now being used o­nly for inward movement of passengers from Green Line to Blue Line. 
  • Esplanade Metro station which is the meeting point of Blue Line and Green Line has seen a sharp increase in passenger count after opening of Green Line-2.

Image Credit (representational): Kolkata Metro
  • For ensuring free and smooth movements of commuters, Metro authorities have put up stickers, banners and posters indicating the way commuters should follow to reach their destinations or platforms.
  • Metro staff have also been helping them so that they can reach their destinations without any trouble.

Source: Kolkata Metro – Press Release | Featured Image Credit: Kolkata Metro

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