Ahmedabad Metro Update: GMRC invites tender for Architectural Finishing works for Elevated Stations of Phase-II

Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Ltd. has invited open tenders from eligible applicants, for the work, “Architectural Finishing, Roofing, Plumbing, Signages etc. for 15 No’s Elevated Stations From Motera to Sector-1 and GNLU to Gift City, in Connection with Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project, Phase-II”.

  • Tender No.: GMRC/ARCH/STNS/PH-2/2021
  • Name of Work: Architectural Finishing, Roofing, Plumbing, Signages etc. For 15 No’s Elevated Stations from Motera to Sector-1 and GNLU to Gift City, in Connection with Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project, Phase-II.
  • Approximate cost of work: INR 142.50 Crore
  • Period ofCompletion Work: 20 Months
  • Pre-bid Meeting: 30-12-2021
  • Last date of submission of E-Tender: 01-02-2022

Minimum Eligibility Criteria:

Work Experience:

The tenderers will be qualified only if they have successfully completed work(s),completion date(s) of which falling during last seven years ending last day of the month previous to the month of tender submission as given below :

  • At least one “Similar Work” * of value Rs. 114.00crore or more having Floor Area not less than 24,000 Sq.M


  • Two “Similar Works” * each of value Rs. 71.25crore or more having Floor Area not less than 15,000 Sq.M


  • Three “Similar Works” * each of value Rs. 57.00crore or more having Floor Area not less than 12,000 Sq.M

If the tenderer is a JV/Consortium having foreign partner(s) and above work(s) have been executed by the foreign partner of JV/Consortium and the work(s) were done in the country of the foreign partner, then in addition to this the foreign partner must have executed works (which need not be similar in nature) of total put together of value INR 57.00 crore or more outside the country of the foreign partner.

The Similar Works for  this contract shall be “Any Building works that includes Floor Finishing with Tiles/ Granite/ Marble Stone having equal or more Floor Area as above. The Value of entire building work will be taken in to account including all services except E&M, Fire Fighting and HVAC in the same contract, wherein, the value of Construction of Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) or Roofing Work of Railway Stations/ Metro Stations/ Airports/ Convention Centres must be of ₹ 13.82 Crores or more in any one work”(A2).

In case, the work(s)as specified above does not include “Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) or Roofing Work of Railway Stations/ Metro Stations/ Airports/ Convention Centres”, the bidder shall submit one separate work or credentials of proposed Sub-Contractor (Appendix-25 of FOT) who has done similar work having value of ₹ 13.82Crores or more executed by them in any other single contract.


  • Work experience of only substantial partner (partner with share of 26% or more in the JV / Consortium) shall be considered for evaluating of JV/Consortium.
  • The tenderer shall submit details of works executed by them in the Performa of Appendix-17 & 17A of FOT for the works to be considered for qualification of  work experience criteria. 
  • Documentary proof of completion certificates from clients clearly indicating the nature/scope of work, actual completion cost and actual date of completion for such work should be submitted. 
  • The offers submitted without this documentary proof shall not be evaluated. In case the work is executed for private client, copy of work order, bill of quantities, bill wise details of payment received certified by C.A., T.D.S certificates for all payments received and copy of final/last bill paid by client shall also be submitted.
  • Value of a successfully completed portion of any ongoing work up to the last day  of the month previous to the month of tender submission will also be considered for qualification of work experience criteria, provided at least 70% of the Contract value of work is completed. 
  • The details to be furnished in Appendix-17 & 17A along with the Engineer / Employer’s certificate and other requisite details as mentioned in NIT/Tender Document. The Engineer / Employer’s certificate for ongoing works should not be older than three months from the tender submission date.
  • For completed works, value of work done shall be updated to last day of the month previous to the month of tender submission price level assuming 5% inflation for Indian Rupees every year and 2% for foreign currency portions per year. 
  • The exchange rate of foreign currency shall be applicable 28 days before the submission date of tender. For updation, the rate of inflation will be applied on compounding basis.
  • In case of Joint venture / Consortium, full value of the work, if done by the same joint venture shall be considered. If the qualifying work(s) were done by them  in JV/Consortium having different constituents (consist of other than Indian Contractor or consist of Indian contractor with less than 40% share), then the value of work as per their percentage participation in such JV/Consortium shall be considered, but in case if the qualifying work(s) were done by them in JV/consortium having different constituents (consist of Indian contractor with  40% or more participation), then the value of work as per Indian contractor percentage participation in such JV/consortium shall be taken two times subject to the maximum of 100% for the consideration of value of the work for work experience.
  • If the above work(s) i.e. “Similar works” comprise other works, then client’s certificate clearly indicating the amount of work done in respect of the “similar  work” shall be furnished by  the tenderer in support of work experience along-with their tender submissions.

About the Project:

  • The Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project Phase-II, having one corridor with a combined  length (including Extension) of 26.91 km which include 22.838 km from Motera Stadium to Mahatma Mandir (Corridor-1) and 5.416 km from GNLU to GIFT City (Corridor-2).
  • Corridor-1 has 20 stations and Corridor-2 has two stations along the route. All stations are elevated.
  • The Surat Metro Rail project Phase I, having two metro rail corridors with a combined length of 40.35 km.
  • Total 38 stations are proposed consisting of elevated and underground stations. First corridor is proposed from Sarthana to Dream city Line.
  • The length of this corridor will be 21.61 km of which 6.47 km would be underground and the rest 15.14 km will be elevated.
  • Second corridor is  from Bhesan to Saroli.
  • The length of this corridor will be 18.74 km, and will be completely elevated.
  • The Gujarat Metrorail Corporation (GMRC) Limited is being financed from Agence Française de Développement (“AFD”) and Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KFW) for Ahmedabad metro Rail Project Phase-II and Surat Metro Rail Project Phase-I.
  • As per the requirement, GMRCL needs to Appoint a Third Party Auditor for Rehabilitation and Resettlement activities for both projects.
  • As per the draft SIA report, total 118 PAFs for Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project Phase II and total 676 households for Surat Metro Rail Phase I, are getting affected due to the Metro Alignment, Station Box, Depots etc.
  • The number of affected households/families may vary as per the design if any.

Source: GMRC-Tender | Image Credit (representational): GMRC