South Central Railway achieves record track renewal in FY 2023-24

In a recent stride, South Central Railway has achieved a significant milestone as the zone completed track renewal of 649 kms over its rail network in the Financial Year 2023-24. This achievement is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and safety of train operations, enhancing rail infrastructure.

More Details:

South Central Railway achieved its highest-ever performance with regard to track renewal works in the year by completing renewal of 649 kms over its rail network. This is the best-ever Track Renewal achieved by the Zone in any financial year, since its inception. It is also 45% more than the progress of 448 Kms achieved in FY 2022-23. Importantly, this work has been carried out entirely through mechanisation means without involving manual methods which is also o­ne of the reasons for big achievement.

Why Tracks Renewal is Important:

  • Railway tracks are the backbone of railway networks facilitating seamless movement of both passenger and freight trains.
  • Renewal of tracks is o­ne of the critical aspects of maintaining efficiency and safety of train operations.
  • Complete track renewal work normally involves several works like renewal of sleepers i.e., changing of old sleepers with modified wider base concrete sleepers, Renewal of rails i.e., changing of old rails with Class-I rails, laying of plain track and changing of points & crossings.
  • Renewal of sleepers and rails is carried out by Plasser Quick Relaying System (PQRS) machines, plain track is laid by Track Relaying Train (TRT) machines and T-28 machines are used for Points & Crossings.

Machines used over Manual Methods:

  • The Complete Track Renewal (CTR) works of SCR have been undertaken through machinery. The mechanical means of track renewal has many advantages over manual methods.
  • Manual handling of concrete sleepers is difficult and may cause damage to concrete sleepers.
  • In addition, the initial speed restrictions after carrying out the track renewal works are lesser when done through mechanical means than when compared to manual means i.e., 30 Kmph instead of 20 Kmph.
  • This inturn helps not o­nly helps in reducing the time period for normal speed at faster rate but is also relatively more beneficial for maintaining average speed of the trains.
  • Further, it also helps in lesser utilisation of time for carrying out maintenance work, while also avoiding loose material along the track.

GM Appreciates the Efforts:

The track renewal works across the Zone were carried out by meticulous planning and efficient coordination by all the related branches. Sections requiring track renewal were identified in advance and machine and manpower deployment was done so as to get maximum output within the shortest time period. The General Manager, Shri Arun Kumar Jain appreciated the work done by the Engineering team in achieving this milestone. He advised the Officials to plan for the current financial year also so that the good work is done o­n this front.


This strategic achievement not only underscores SCR’s dedication to infrastructure maintenance but also significantly boosts the overall reliability and safety of the railway network, benefiting millions of passengers and numerous freight operations throughout the region.

Source: SCR – Press Release | Image Credit (representational): SCR