Ayodhya railway station to be redeveloped at a cost of Rs. 104.77 crore

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The holy land of faith, devotion and spirituality and dignity Purushottam Lord Ram’s holy birthplace Ayodhya has been the focal point of devotion and faith in the middle of the whole world since ages. Attracts and attracts innumerable devotees from all over the world to this holy land on this day. Due to this importance, the railway station of Ayodhya city also holds a special place on Indian Railways. Railways is operating many trains, fulfilling its important role and responsibilities in convenient movement of passengers in this city with full commitment. In pursuing this dedication and keeping in view the environment of present and future of Ayodhya. 

  • Keeping in view the importance, the railways is in the direction of providing high class infrastructural facilities, passenger amenities, cleanliness, beauty and various desired facilities with high quality standards in Ayodhya railway station. 
  • It is noteworthy that the construction work of a well-equipped building with the latest and modern passenger facilities of Ayodhya station is in progress, for this building an approval of Rs.80 crore were sanctioned in the financial year 2017-18, which has been increased to Rs.104.77 crore at present. 
  • This station building is being constructed by RITES Ltd, an enterprise of Railways. 
  • The construction of this building will be in two phases, in the first phase the development work in platform number 1 and 2/3, the development of the current circulating area and the development of the holding area. 
  • In the second phase the construction of the new station building and the construction of other facilities. 

  • These facilities include renovation of the internal and external premises of the station to increase the facilities available at the station such as expansion of the number of ticket counters, waiting room expansion, 03 restrooms with air-conditioned facility, 17-bed male dormitory with toilet, 10-bed female dormitory with toilet, continuous progress work is underway towards providing other desired facilities including an additional foot over bridge, food plaza, shops, additional toilets. 
  • Apart from this, the tourist center, taxi booth, Shishu Vihar etc. will be added facilities. 
  • Constant construction and development work is in progress, ensuring availability of many other desired facilities including VIP lounge, auditorium and special guest house. 
  • All these development and progress works were executed.
  • Going and reviewing the development works is reviewed from time to time by railway and in due course instructions are also passed to complete the work with high quality.
  • Sh. Rajiv Chaudhry, General Manager Northern & North Central Railways informed that that the holy city of Ayodhya, embellished with the footsteps of Lord Rama, has supernatural importance and in view of the importance of this city in the future, the railway is modernizing the Ayodhya railway station. 
  • Constant efforts are being made to provide a new form so that railway can provide modern facilities equipped with high standards to the visiting devotees and tourists visiting this station while attracting the whole world in the coming time.

Source: Northern Railway-Press Release

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