Banaras Locomotive Works completed the manufacturing of the 10,000th Locomotive equipped with modern features

Banaras Locomotive Works (BLW) made history as it built the 10,000th Locomotive WAP7. General Manager Shri Basudev Panda dedicated this achievement to the nation, which is equipped with various key features like RTIS-real time information system.

More Details:

  • Banaras Locomotive Works General Manager, Shri Basudev Panda dedicated the 10,000th locomotive WAP7 to the nation, decorated with flowers, after formal worship at the new loco test shop. Congratulating the BLW officers and employees on this historic achievement, the General Manager said that this record is the result of the hard work and efficiency of our officers and employees.
  • The commissioned 10,000th AC-AC 6000 HP passenger locomotive WAP7- 37638 is being sent to Lallaguda Electric Loco Shed of South Central Railway. The 10,000th locomotive is equipped with key features like RTIS-real time information system, air conditioned driver cab for summers, provision of hot air for driver during winters, HOG- head on generation for train lighting, regenerative brake system, speed of 140 km per hour.

  • In the inauguration ceremony, Principal Chief Electrical Engineer Shri S. K. Srivastava, Principal Chief Material Manager Shri Rajneesh Gupta, Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer Shri Shishir Dutt, Principal Financial Advisor Shri Neeraj Verma, Principal Chief Engineer Shri Vinod Bampal, Principal Chief Medical Officer Dr. Devesh Kumar, Principal Chief Personnel Officer Shri Ranvijay, Chief Vigilance Officer Shri P. K. Chaudhary, Senior Deputy General Manager Shri Vijay, Chief Electrical Engineer-Loco Shri Arun Kumar Sharma along with a large number of department heads, officers, employees and staff council members Shri Amit Kumar, Shri Manish Kumar Singh were present.

Banaras Locomotive Works:

Banaras Locomotive Works, earlier known as Diesel Locomotive Works, has started its journey by producing the first locomotive based on ALCO loco technology and has set a record not only in the production of locomotives but also in the horse power of locomotives. 

With growth, new technologies have also been developed. BLW started manufacturing electric locos from the year 2017. Presently BLW manufactures WAP7 for passenger service and WAG9 for freight locomotives for Railways as well as producing locomotives for non-railway customers and export.

Till now BLW has manufactured 1687 electric locomotives, 7498 diesel locomotives, 172 exported locomotives in 11 countries, 634 locomotives for non-railway customers, 01 dual (diesel+electric) mode locomotives, 08 diesel to electric converted locomotives.

It is noteworthy that the foundation stone of BLW was laid by the first President Dr. Rajendra Prasad on 23 April 1956. BLW came into existence in August 1961. On January 03, 1964, the first broad gauge WDM2 was inaugurated by former Prime Minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri and in November 1968, the first metre gauge locomotive YDM4 was inaugurated by former Prime Minister Shri Morarji Desai. BLW has created history by manufacturing 10,000 railway engines since its inception.

Source: BLW- Press Release | Images Credit: MoR