Bhubaneswar Metro invites tender for MRTS Phase-1: Construction of Metro Depot Cum Workshop

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) has invited tenders from eligible applicants on the behalf of Bhubaneswar Metro, who fulfil qualification criteria for the Construction of Metro Depot Cum Workshop for MRTS Phase-1 Project.

Brief About Tender Submission:

Name of Work: Civil Works for Construction of Bhubaneswar Metro Depot Cum Workshop, OCC Buildings including Plumbing, Drainage, External Development Works etc. and Road Works of Bhubaneswar MRTS Phase-1 Project.

Tender Reference Number BBC-02
Approximate Cost of Work 1,04,74,00,000/-
EMD Cost 52,37,000/-
Contract Period 36 Months
Document Download/Sale Start Date 24th Jan, 2024
Bid Submission Start Date 28th Feb, 2024
Bid Submission End Date 06th Mar, 2024
Pre Bid Meeting Date 16th Feb, 2024
Tender Opening Date 07th Mar, 2024


This work is being funded by BMRCL. As per the MOU signed between DMRC and BMRCL, this work is being executed by the DMRC on deposit work basis wherein there is a provision of ‘Defect Liability’ (in addition to the provisions of Clause 10 of GCC) which states as: “DMRC shall administer and oversee the Defect Liability/guaranty/warrantee/AMC provisions as per individual contract conditions for a period of 1 year only from the onset of DLP. After completion of above 1 year, compliance to DLP obligations as per contract conditions, the contractor shall be monitored by the BMRCL.

In addition to complying provisions of Clause 10 of GCC, “the contractor shall also indemnify the DMRC, BMRCL, and its officers for any loss or damage sustained by it on account of any fault or negligence in the designing, execution, operation and use of the metro services if any untoward incident occurred for these reasons within the defect liability period.” Tenderers to note the above provisions of MOU while submitting their tender.

Scope of Works:

  • To provide for maintenance and stabling facilities for the trains running on Biju Patnaik to Trisulia Square corridor, a construction of Depot cum workshop near Phulapokhari Station in Bhubaneswar has been planned.
  • The brief scope of the aforementioned work for Construction of Phulapokhari Metro Depot cum Workshop includes design and construction of Pre-Engineered Buildings for Workshop & Inspection sheds for Phase-I and Storage Sheds (existing architectural similarities to be maintained in the proposed PEB structures).
  • The work also includes construction of substructure i.e. foundations, pits, grade slab, RCC columns, beams etc. for PEB buildings, construction of RCC buildings proposed in the Depot for Trisulia Square Line, diversion of existing utilities, construction of new utilities and dismantling scheme of portion of sheeting/walls of existing Workshop & Inspection Bay of to be constructed Line.
  • All the Design of Permanent works for civil construction works (excluding PEB) shall be undertaken by Detailed Design Consultants under arrangement of DMRC, while Design of all temporary works and working drawings (bar bending schedules etc.) and all non- structural works will be in the scope of Contractor.
  • Design of all temporary works shall be done by Structural Design Engineer of the Contractor. The Contractor shall submit credentials pertaining to work experience of similar works of Structural Design Engineer and seek NOC from the employer before commencement of any design works.


The tenderers will be qualified only if they have successfully completed or substantially completed similar works, during last seven years ending last day of the month previous to the month of tender submission as given below:

  • At least one “similar work” * of value of INR 83.79 crore or more, or
  • Two “similar works” *each of value of INR 52.37 crore or more, or
  • Three “similar works” *each of value of INR 41.90 crore or more.

The “Similar works” for this contract shall be “Construction of Depot/Workshop/Industrial shed/RCC framed structure including Preengineered steel structure (PEB) with roof sheeting.” The cost of “Prefabricated steel structures including roof sheeting” should be of value of INR 4.88 Crores or more in the above work (s) put together.


The agreement between DMRC and Bhubaneswar Metro has marked the beginning of a significant journey of the metro system in the State. The construction of Depot cum Workshop indicates the speedier progress of the project and it is expected that the rolling stock tender will be soon released after or during the implementation of this contract. The transformation in the transportation landscape of Odisha will establish a modern connectivity fostering growth of the economy as a whole. 

Tender document can only be obtained after registration of tenderer on the website

Source: DMRC- Tender | Image Credit (representational): DMRC