BLW sets new production record: 55 electric locomotives manufactured in January 2024

Banaras Locomotive Works (BLW) has set a remarkable milestone in locomotive manufacturing by achieving the highest-ever monthly electric locomotive production in January 2024. With an impressive display of dedication, hard work, and efficiency, BLW’s team produced 55 electric locomotives within just 26 working days, averaging more than 2 locomotives per day.

More Details:

Banaras Locomotive has not only created history in monthly electric loco production but has also set another record by producing the highest number of locomotives during the financial year 2023-24. During the financial year 2023-24, history has been created by making 379 locomotives till the month of January itself, which includes 375 electric locomotives and 04 diesel locomotives.

Image Credit (representational): PIB

Previous Achievements:

  • It may be noted that earlier in June 2023, a record was made by producing the highest monthly production of 51 electric locomotives, which has surpassed its own record by manufacturing 55 locomotives in January, 2024.
  • Similarly, during the financial year 2021-22, a record was set by producing 367 locomotives, whereas during the financial year 2023-24, a record was set by producing 379 locomotives till the month of January itself.
  • This is a historical record of BLW. This record was achieved as a result of excellent shop floor planning for better work management and uninterrupted material availability. Thus, BLW is moving forward to supply electric locomotives step by step along with the electrification expansion of Indian Railways.

Accelerate Skills to meet the Demand:

  • BLW employees and executives rose to the challenge by acquiring new skills and reorganising the shop floor, machines, jigs and fixtures and planning processes for the production of electric locomotives.
  • The result of this process is that a record of production of 55 electric locomotives was set in just one month, while diesel locomotives are also manufactured from the same assembly line for export and non-railway customers.

Image Credit (representational): Indian Railways
  • Under the able leadership of General Manager Shri Basudev Panda, the dedicated team has achieved new heights and will be seen as a world class brand. General Manager, BLW Shri Basudev Panda himself went to the shop floor and said in his address that this achievement of BLW in the direction of self-reliant India in running the Indian economy is historic.

General Manager Shri Basudev Panda reached BLW Workshop and congratulated Team BLW for this historic record and said that this pace of production reiterates the hard work, dedication and strategic planning of the entire BLW team and our resolve. On this occasion, Principal Chief Electrical Engineer of BLW, Shri S.K. Srivastava, all the major department heads, senior officers, employees and a large number of women employees were present.

In conclusion, BLW’s groundbreaking production milestones not only highlight its prowess in locomotive manufacturing but also exemplify its vital role in India’s economic growth and self-reliance journey.

Source: BLW – Press Release | Featured Image Credit (representational): BLW

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