Central Railway has increased the speed of trains to 130 kmph on various sections to provide better services to its passengers

Central Railway has continued its mission mode to provide better services to its passengers. In order to this, CR has increased the speed of trains to 130 kmph surges ahead of targets for track renewal and track maintenance work for 2023-24.

More Details:

Central Railway has been consistent in its efforts to provide better services to its passengers. Infrastructure works are being carried out o­n various sections in order to increase the speed of trains. These include multitracking (laying of multiple tracks in a section), Overhead Equipment regulation, Signalling works and other technical works.

In order to ensure safety of running trains and better riding comfort for passengers, the tracks are being maintained to the best of standards and replacement of old age assents is also being undertaken. Central Railway is way ahead of proportionate targets for track maintenance and track renewals and plans to surpass all targets for 2023-24.

These works have enabled CR to run trains o­n these sections at a speed of 130 kmph:

Pune – Daund Section75.59 kms
Itarsi -Nagpur-Wardha- Ballarshah Section509.05 kms
Wardha-Badnera Section95.44 kms
Igatpuri-Nashik-Bhusaval-Akola-Badnera Section526.65 kms
Total1206.73 kms
Work is in progress for running of trains at 130 kmph o­n the following sections
Daund-Solapur-Kalaburagi-Wadi Section337.44 kms

In addition speed has also increased from 75 kmph to 110 kmph o­n the Puntamba-Shirdi section of 17 kms and from 65 kmph to 90 kmph o­n the Badnera-Amravati section of 9 kms.

Apart from these, there are plans to increase speed of trains in the following sections:

  • Badnera-Chandur Bazar section of 42 kms from 100 kmph to 110 kmph
  • Majri-Wani-Pimpalkhuti section of 79 kms & Paraisia-iChhindwara section of 29 kms from 50 kmph to 110 kmph,
  • Jalamb-Khamgaon section of 12 kms from 60 kmph to 90 kmph.

In Mumbai Suburban section plans to increase speed of trains is as follows:

  • Tilak Nagar- Panvel section of 33 kms, Thane-Vashi section of 18 kms & Nerul-Kharkopar section of 9 kms from 80 kmph to 105 kmph,
  • Karjat-Khopoli section of 15 kms from 60 kmph to 90 kmph

Removing of Permanent Speed Restrictions (PSR) by improving track geometry has also facilitated increase in speed of trains o­n Central Railway. A total of 9 PSRs have been removed as of 30.11.2023 and work of removing more is in progress.

The speed of trains have been increased after ensuring all safety aspects and technical inspection by the concerned officials. This will decrease running time of trains and improve overall punctuality of train movements. Central Railway is committed to provide a safe and  pleasant journey to its commuters and has been tirelessly working to ensure the same.

This accelerated pace in providing superior services reflects Central Railway’s steadfast commitment to elevating the travel experience for its passengers. 

Source: Central Railway- Press Release | Images Credit (representational): Central Railway