Central Railway instals overall 8.119 MWp in solar power across its infrastructure and additional 4 MWp to instal in near future

Central Railway continues to make substantial strides towards sustainable energy solutions with its rooftop solar initiative. With a robust commitment to sustainable practices, Central Railway has successfully installed a cumulative capacity of 8.119 MWp in solar power across its infrastructure.

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The Central Railway, committed to harnessing renewable energy sources, has made commendable progress towards its target of additional 4 MWp in rooftop solar installations.

As of October 2023, Central Railway has made significant headway by achieving 85 kWp of progress within the month, marking a cumulative installation of 675 kWp across various stations. Central Railway has successfully installed rooftop solar plants in October 2023 at several key stations within its divisions:

Central Railway has further accelerated its efforts by awarding work for a 1 MW solar plant at 81 locations across its domain. Notably, tenders have been successfully awarded and work has begun for a 1 MW capacity plant at the new Electric Loco Shed Ajni in Nagpur Division through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

The 1MWp solar power plant is being built by MELPL, Bihar (Madhepura Electric Locomotive Pvt. Ltd.), a joint venture of Indian Railways and M/s Alstom. As of the current status:

  • PV Modules Installation: Out of the total 2180 PV modules, 400 have been successfully installed, showcasing steady progress towards the completion of this solar power infrastructure.
  • Walkway Installation: The installation of walkways within the solar power plant area has been completed, ensuring efficient access for maintenance and operational requirements.
  • AC Cables: The AC cables required for the plant have been received o­n-site, and the laying process is scheduled to commence shortly, facilitating the necessary connections.
  • ACDB Arrival: The AC Distribution Box (ACDB) is set to arrive o­n-site by Tuesday, further advancing the installation and connection processes.
  • Ladder Work: The installation of ladders within the plant area has been successfully completed, ensuring safety and accessibility for maintenance personnel.
  • Inverter Shed Construction: o­ngoing construction work is in progress for the inverter shed, a pivotal component in the functioning of the solar power plant.
  • Inverter Arrival: Inverters crucial to the plant’s operations are anticipated to arrive at the site in the coming week, marking a significant milestone in the project timeline.
  • Net-Metering Preparation: The net-metering work will commence after sanction load increases, ensuring seamless integration with the existing power infrastructure.

Additionally, a 1 MW plant at Pune Division has been initiated under the PPA mode. Moreover, a 1 MW plant at various locations within Central Railway is also in progress through the PPA mode.

In an effort to further expand its renewable energy footprint, Central Railway has submitted proposals for solar plants o­n vacant and unused railway lands to the Railway Energy Management Company Limited (REMCL) and the Railway Board. These proposals o­n a total of 2,694 acre vacant/unused Railway land proposed for installing solar plants after obtaining the approval of the General Manager, entail:

  • Solar plants proposed o­n vacant/unused Railway land parcels: 309 acre
  • Solar plants proposed o­n vacant/unused Railway land along the track: 595 acre
  • Railway land lying vacant and unused in GD and GQ routes: 1,790 acre

Central Railway remains committed to leveraging renewable energy sources, utilising vacant lands effectively for solar power installations, and contributing significantly to sustainable energy practices within the railway infrastructure.

Source: Central Railway- Press Release | Images Credit: Central Railway