Central Railway launches open Web Girders for Nerul/Belapur-Uran project

Despite the Covid-19 challenges, Central Railway has launched two 61-meter open web girders for Nerul/Belapur – Uran Project between Jasai & JNPT operating a block of 3 hours recently. It is a step towards connecting Uran with Mumbai Suburban Network. 

  • These 61-meter open web girders were fabricated at Central Railway Engineering Workshop, Manmad, transported and assembled at the launching site. 
  • Each girder weight is 232 MT (220 MT girder + 12MT lifting beam, holding bracket etc.)
  • The launching of girders is a complex job considering the line crossing with Panvel-Jasai-JNPT line which handles heavy container traffic and Dedicated Freight Corridor line is also under construction from JNPT to Panvel along the alignment.
  • These girders were launched by 2 Crawler Road Cranes (1st crane= 600MT lifting capacity, 2nd crane = 500MT lifting capacity + 1 additional crane for emergency use of 750MT lifting capacity).
  • To ensure safe lifting of girders, it was maintained verticality by a specially developed lifting frame. 
  • During lifting, rotational movement was monitored by three inclinometers manufactured for this bridge. 
  • Inclinometers were used for the first time. Besides, Railway’s own structural testing unit was deployed by the bridge organization of Central Railway to capture the launching stresses in critical members.  
  • Six stain gauge and two accelerometers were used for this and the launching was carried out without overstressing any members.  
  • Down track web girder was successfully launched o­n 3rd July 2021 and Up track web girder was launched o­n 12th Aug 2021 taking 03:00 hrs Traffic and Power block each o­n Jasai-JNPT line. 
  • With this launching, the progress of the Phase-II of this line is in advance stage.
  • Background – Works Carried Out During Lockdown
  • The major construction of this 4th corridor of Mumbai Suburban Corridor were superstructure work of Cover over Platform at Rajanpada station, foundation and sub-structure work at Nava-Sheva, Dronagiri and Uran stations, subway work at Uran, bridge foundation work, stressing and lowering of U-girder at bridge.  
  • The stretch of Kharkopar – Uran will have 5 stations, 2 major bridges, 46 minor bridges, 4 Road Under Bridges and 4 Road Over Bridges.  
  • All precautions are taken to ensure safety and health of the available labour. 
  • The project will help to accelerate the growth of Navi-Mumbai, by providing direct access between Uran town and Nhava-Sheva port and the newly developed area of Mumbai Metropolitan Region as well as Greater Mumbai.

Source: Central Railway-Press Release | Image Credit: Central Railway