Central Railway successfully commissions Block Proving by Axle Counter System in Vashind-Asangaon section of Mumbai Division

In a significant stride towards bolstering safety measures and ensuring seamless train operations, the Mumbai Division of Central Railway has successfully commissioned the Block Proving by Axle Counter (BPAC) system in the Vashind-Asangaon section.

More Details:

The complete block section has been provided with a multi section digital axle counter in dual detection and auto reset mode. The newly installed BPAC technology is poised to revolutionise train control in the region by fortifying safety protocols and expediting the clearance process for train movements.

Block Proving by Axle Counter:

  • The BPAC system plays a pivotal role in maintaining the utmost safety of train operations. Specifically, it meticulously examines the last vehicle of a section, subsequently confirming the section’s clearance before granting authorization for another train to enter.

  • This technology counts the number of axles of wheels of train coaches passed in a particular section and it ensures safe clearance of all those coaches without the leftovers of any coach in the middle of the section.
  • And after its technical confirmation o­nly, the system allows the following 2nd train to enter into that particular section, thus ensuring 100% safety to avoid more than 1 number of trains in a particular section between 2 stop signals.
  • This state-of-the-art technology acts as a vigilant guardian, ensuring that train movements occur without any compromise to passenger safety or operational efficiency.

Previous Work:

  • Previously, the BPAC system was exclusively deployed up to the Vashind station within the Kalyan-Igatpuri section. However, recognizing its paramount significance in fortifying rail safety, the Railway Board has sanctioned the extension of BPAC operations from Khadavli to Igatpuri and its work is under progress and will be completed soon.
  • Apart from this section, Mumbai division has BPAC system installed over CSMT to KALYAN section, CSMT-PANVEL Harbour line, CSMT-Goregaon line, Kalyan-Karjat section, Vasai-Panvel-Roha section.
  • This expansion project underscores the commitment of the Indian Railways towards adopting cutting-edge technologies that empower secure and streamlined train operations.

Current BPAC Works:

  • Currently, the BPAC system work is o­ngoing o­n Asangaon-Atgaon, Atgaon-Thansit, TGR3-TGR2, Panvel-Dapoli sections and is soon to begin o­n Thansit-Khardi, Khardi- Umbarmali, Kasara-Umbarmali, Kasara-TGR3, TGR2-TGR1, Dapoli-Jasai sections of Mumbai Division.
  • This ambitious project underscores the dedication of Central Railway towards swiftly integrating advanced safety measures that not o­nly meet but exceed industry standards.

This significant milestone reflects the Central Railway’s relentless pursuit of excellence in railway operations, cementing its position as a frontrunner in pioneering technological advancements to ensure the safety and convenience of millions of passengers who rely o­n the railway network each day.

Source: Central Railway- Press Release | Images Credit: Central Railway