Central Railway takes various safety measures for the safer operations of trains and hassle free commuting for the passengers

Central Railway carried out several important safety works in October-2023 resulting in safer train operations. Some of the measures include closing of level crossing gates, smoke detection system, implementation of OHE masts and so on. The details are given below.

More Details:

Closing of Level Crossing (LC) Gates:

  • Level crossing gates are being gradually closed down over Central Railway either by construction of Road Over Bridges or Road Under Bridges. Closing of level crossing gates helps maintain better punctuality and increases safety.
  • In the month of October-2023, 4 nos Level crossing gates have been closed on Central Railway – 3 o­n Pune division and 1 o­n Bhusawal division. A total of 24 LC gates have been closed o­n Central Railway o­n the Zonal level up to October -2023 which includes, 5 in Mumbai, 7 in Bhusawal, 6 in Nagpur and 6 in Pune divisions.

Provision of smoke detection and suppression devices in Coaches:

  • Smoke Detection and Suppression System in coaches are provided as safety measures to prevent fire. 3 Smoke Detection and Suppression Systems have been installed in Coaches including 1 in Pantry Car and 2 in Power Car Coach in the month of October-2023.
  • A total of 11 Smoke Detection and Suppression Systems have been installed in Coaches including 2 in Pantry Car and 9 in Power Car Coaches up to October-2023.
  • 77 Smoke Detection Systems have been installed in various coaches in the month of October – 2023. A total of 332 Smoke Detection Systems have been installed in various coaches from up to October-2023.

Block Proving Axle Counters (BPAC) system:

  • Block Proving Axle Counters (BPAC) system ensures that the track section is empty before permitting another train in that section, The sensors in the device check the number of axles passing over it at both the Driver and the Guard’s end.
  • If the numbers don’t tally then it indicates error or irregularity. It thus eliminates human error and controls safe movement of trains between stations. A total of 22 BPAC have now been provided in all 5 divisions of Central Railway, 2 in Mumbai, 2 in Bhusaval, 6 in Nagpur, 8 in Solapur and 4 in Pune Division.
  • In the month of October-2023, 1 BPAC system each has been provided o­n Vasind-Asangaon section of Mumbai Division, Rajewadi-Jejuri section of Pune division and Kavathe Mahankal-Salgare section of Solapur division.

Safety Integrity Test:

  • Safety Integrity tests are conducted o­n Signal & Telecommunication equipment to ensure that the equipment are working as per the parameters specified and within the safety standards.
  • In the month of October-2023, 17 nos of Safety Integrity Tests were conducted which included 4 in Mumbai division, 3 in Bhusawal division, 3 in Pune division, 6 in Solapur division and 1 in Nagpur division.
  • A total of 75 nos of  Safety Integrity Tests were conducted up to October-2023 which included 16 in Mumbai division, 15 in Bhusawal division, 6 in Pune division, 16 in Solapur division and 22 in Nagpur division.

Critical implantation of OHE masts:

  • OHE masts which are redundant are a safety hazard. They need to be identified and removed. Critical implantation of OHE masts is done o­n a regular basis to ensure safe operation of trains.
  • Fourteen (14 nos) of Critical implantation (OHE masts) have been eliminated in the month of October – 2023 and a total of 95 nos of Critical implantation (OHE masts) have been eliminated up to October-2023.

Inter-Railway Safety Audit:

  • Inter-Railway Safety Audit is regularly conducted o­n all Zones. This is an attempt to conduct an impartial audit to ensure better safety measures and eliminate any errors or bias. This consists of a team of Senior Administrative Officers of the Zone, nominated by the Railway Board who will visit other Zones as per the Board’s instructions and carry out 3rd party Safety Audit.
  • Besides Railway Board’s Safety Drive, Headquarters Ambush checks and Divisional Safety Drives were also conducted in addition to Divisional Safety Audit o­n 9 stations of Central Railway.
  • In addition, Safety Seminars/Camps  and Safety Meetings/Counselling sessions were also conducted which were attended by a large number of employees. These measures taken by Central Railway go a long way in ensuring safe operation of trains.

Source: Central Railway- Press Release | Images Credit (representational): Central Railway