Central Railway with Alstom will maintain India’s most powerful Locomotive ‘WAG-12’ in Nagpur Maintenance Depot

Central Railway in collaboration with Alstom will maintain the “WAG-12” the most powerful Locomotive of India boasting an impressive 12000 HP. This significant achievement places India to be only the 6th nation in the world producing high horsepower locomotives indigenously.

More Details:

This remarkable feat was achieved by the Madhepura Electric Locomotive Private Ltd. (MELPL). The “WAG-12” the most powerful Locomotive of India with 12000 HP will be maintained under the supervision guidelines of the Central Railways Nagpur Maintenance Depot with Alstom.

Specifications of WAG 12 Electric Locomotive:

  • Traction horsepower: 12,000 HP (9 MW)
  • Maximum speed: 120 Kmph
  • Axle load: 22.5/25 Tonne
  • Hauling capability: 6,300 tons at 60 Kmph on a 1/150 slope

Manufactured at the expansive Madhepura site in Bihar as part of the “Make in India” initiative, the WAG 12 locos proudly signifies India’s entrance into the league of 6 nations worldwide producing high horsepower locomotives indigenously. The subsequent maintenance and oversight will take place at Nagpur Depot, reinforcing the Nation’s self-reliance in railway technology.

Nagpur depot oversees maintenance of 251 to 500 E-locomotives over a 4 year period, with technical supervision provided by Alstom and maintenance/support staff supplied by Indian Railways. It’s sprawling over 17.6-acre land, a 10,800 square metres depot, a 1,777 square metres warehouse, 3.29 kilometres of track, and a 3.5-kilometer 25 KV power supply.

The collaborative effort between the Central Railway with Alstom not only signifies the maintenance prowess of Nagpur Depot but also underscores India’s growing structure in the global landscape of high-horsepower locomotives. The  WAG 12, a symbol of indigenous engineering, is poised to contribute significantly to the nation’s rail capabilities.

Source: Central Railway | Images Credit: Central Railway