Central Railway’s Mumbai Division develops Internet of Things based remote monitoring system for LHB and Vande Bharat coaches

Central Railway to add IoT (Internet of Things) based Live monitoring of water level in passenger coaches and provision of Automatic Seat Cover in western style lavatory seats in all LHB coaches and Vande Bharat coaches for passenger comfort.

More Details:

  • Ensuring safety & enhancing comfort to the Passengers by monitoring of roller bearing temperature of running coaches and also to mitigate the passenger inconvenience o­n account of non-availability of water in tanks in coaches, IoT based remote monitoring system has been designed and developed by the Mumbai Division of Central Railway.
  • Water level live monitoring system: Live monitoring of water level in tanks fitted in coaches. Whenever the level of water level goes beyond 40% below to the designed capacity of the tank, the system generates an alert notification promptly o­n the mobile phone/PC.
  • This will enable the next carriage watering station to be given advice well in advance of water tanks running with low water level and thus to mitigate the possibility of passenger complaint for no water in coach. Initially, the system was installed in 11 coaches of train no. 12101/02 Jnaneswari Express on trial which is running successfully.
  • Provision of Automatic Seat Cover of Western style lavatory seat in all LHB coaches and Vande Bharat coaches to improve hygienic condition inside the coaches.
  • Western style Commode Seats are provided in the lavatory of the coach, in most of the cases o­n board passengers do not lift up the seat cover before urinating, which makes it unhygienic for other people to use it.
  • In order to improve hygiene in coaches, all LHB coaches & Vande Bharat Coaches in Mumbai division have been provided with automatic seat cover. In automatic seat cover, a spring keeps the Seat Cover always in its ‘Lift Up Position’.
  • When a passenger wants to use the toilet, he can easily push down when it has to be used for the toilet purpose o­nly. It will remain in the down position, as long as a person is using it, otherwise it will lift up automatically to its upward and normal position back.

Source: Central Railway- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): Central Railway