Central Railway’s Mumbai Division implements Auxiliary Warning System-Parallel Additional Track Magnets (AWS-PATM) to enhance safety in suburban rail network

Central Railway’s Mumbai Division has successfully implemented the Auxiliary Warning System Parallel Additional Track Magnets (AWS PATM) in its suburban railway network. This initiative aims to further fortify safety measures and prevent potential collisions or Signal Passing at Danger (SPAD) incidents within the Mumbai division.

More Details:

  • The Auxiliary Warning System (AWS) has been a crucial safety feature in the suburban railway network for a considerable period. It functions by automatically engaging brakes if a train passes a signal at a red position or exceeds permissible speed limits. This system comprises two key components:
    • Track side AWS equipment, securely affixed to the track.
    • Onboard AWS equipment, installed within the driver’s cab of Electric Multiple Units (EMUs).
    • Now, they are being modified as per AAWS (Advanced Auxiliary Warning System)
  • In a bid to augment safety measures and mitigate the risk of SPAD cases, Central Railway’s Mumbai Division has introduced Parallel Additional Track Magnets (PATMs) in the suburban sections.
  • The PATM is a departmentally modified version of the existing AWS, integrating an additional magnet positioned before the starter signals at a suitable distance. This enhancement empowers the o­nboard AWS equipment to initiate braking in the event of a train approaching a red signal, effectively averting potential SPAD incidents.
  • The progress of the PATM implementation in Mumbai Division:
    • Total Feasible Scope: 164 locations
    • Spots installed with PATM: 58 locations
    • Remaining: 106 locations (Expected Completion Date: March 2024)
  • The introduction of AWS PATM reflects Central Railway’s unwavering commitment to passenger safety and operational excellence. By deploying state-of-the-art technologies and implementing innovative solutions, the Mumbai Division continues to set new benchmarks in railway safety.
  • Central Railway’s Mumbai Division expresses gratitude to all stakeholders involved in the successful execution of this critical safety enhancement. The division remains dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety and efficiency for its passengers and employees.

Source: Central Railway- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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