Chennai Metro floats tender for manufacturing, installation, training and maintenance of station level equipment for AFC System for Corridor 3 and 5 of Phase-2

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has invited digitally signed open e-tender through e-procurement portal for design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, training & maintenance of station level equipment for Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System for CMRL Phase II – Corridor-3 (From Sholinganallur to Sipcot) and Corridor-5 (From Koyambedu to Elcot Park).

  • Tender Reference Number: CMRL/PHASE–II/SYS/C3&5-AFA04/2023
  • Name of Work: Design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, training & maintenance of station level equipment for Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System for CMRL Phase II – Corridor-3 (From Sholinganallur to Sipcot) and Corridor-5 (From Koyambedu to Elcot Park).
  • EMD: INR 90 Lakhs
  • Duration of Contract: 870 Days + DNP (730 Days)
  • Document Download/Sale Start Date: 16th Sep, 2023
  • Document Download/Sale End Date: 23rd Nov, 2023
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 16th Oct, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 16th Nov, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 23rd Nov, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 24th Nov, 2023

Scope of Supply:

  • The Contractor shall supply the following items:
    • Unit Exchange Spares.
    • Consumable spares for maintenance of the Works.
    • Recommended spares.
    • Special tools, Testing and Diagnostic equipment.
    • Special Jigs, Fixtures & Gauges required for maintenance, repair of various equipment, sub-systems in particular and the Works in totality.

Scope of Training:

The Contractor shall provide comprehensive training to key members of the Employer’s personnel who will be involved either directly or in training others in the operation and maintenance of the Rail System.

The Contractor shall prepare a training programme and materials for operations personnel, together with their associated supervision and management personnel and maintenance engineering personnel. The Contractor shall provide suitably qualified and competent instructors.

The Contractor shall make available for training purposes such training aids and equipment as may be necessary to carry out practical training before the Rail System is commissioned and put into service.

Scope of Works:

The Contractor shall supply an Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) for Corridor 3 and 5 stations of Chennai Metro Railway which shall include the following broad categories of equipment and application:

  • Station Level equipment (SLE) and systems including Parking, First mile, Last mile application.
  • Application software development for SLE
  • Supply of Fare Media Validator as per AFC Back office contractors design for all SLE’s (refer Appendix P),
  • Linking SLE’s to the AFC Back Office system through backbone network
  • Software Development Centre (SDC)
  • Software Testing in coordination with Back Office System Contractor
  • Supply of Fare Media for test purposes through Bank /FI
  • The System shall operate in conjunction with NCMC, EMV/ Rupay based open loop contactless smart card, ABT, UPI ABT, NFC, and QR coded media
  • The System design shall be NFC enabled for public use
  • The primary purpose of the System is to provide passengers with the facility to purchase fares and control access to and from the Metro via Automatic Ticket Gates
  • The Contractor shall integrate the AFC SLE systems with the Back office System.
  • Interface and integration with designated Financial Institution (FI)/ Bank.
  • The Contractor shall provide the Training for AFC system (Hardware & Software) to Employers Personnel.

The major aims of the System are to provide:

Automatic Fare Collection System for Chennai Metro, covering all Corridor stations as described herein, and the facility to be fully interoperable with the existing AFC Systems and future phased extensions of the Chennai Metro.

As part of interface with NCMC provider, interoperability with other Service Providers, typically the AFC facilities of other transit networks, such as buses and Indian Railways, and non-transit applications etc., and in compliance with EN15320 wherever applicable and through Back Office.

Interoperability (ISO CEN 24014- Standard for Interoperability Fare Management) with other Service Providers, within Chennai and outside Chennai in compliance with the government’s objectives of a National Common Mobility Card for seamless connectivity in public transport.

AFC suppliers shall warrant the future interface & interoperability by providing an Application Program Interface (API) and other software along with required documentation to allow 3rd party vendors to integrate.

The selected AFC Contractor will adopt the NCMC Card Data Specification attached in Appendix B and ABT to enable the Employer to achieve GOI objective and ABT Guideline.

CMRL Proposes to integrate parking fee collection at the CMRL stations & Depots using the same fare media. The design shall incorporate necessary provisions to facilitate the requirement. The details shall be finalised during the design stage.

Contractor’s Responsibilities:

The Contractor shall design, supply, install, test, integrate and commission all the equipment hardware and equipment software, cables, cable routes, materials, accessories, fixings, earthing, power distribution facilities and interfaces required to complete the Works for the Automatic Fare Collection System, as described herein and as summarised below. Contractor shall be responsible for re-location of 20% of total equipment to any other station if required by the Employer without any additional cost.

  • AFA04 Package (31 Stations) shall consist as follows:
    • Station Computer System (Work Station);
    • Automatic Gates (AG);
    • Ticket Vending Machines (TVM);
    • Ticket Office Machines (TOM);
    • Excess Fare Office (EFO) Machine (EFOM);
    • Ticket Reader (TR);
    • Portable Ticket Decoder (PTD);
    • Cash Counting Machines.
    • Furniture within AFC Equipment Rooms and Control Rooms;
    • Cable routes, earthing and equipment fixings up to designated interface points;
    • Power supply distribution facilities;
    • Local Area Network (LAN);
    • System Interfaces to other station equipment and infrastructure;
    • WAN, using the backbone provided by the Employer.


Minimum average annual turnover of INR 27 crores calculated as total certified payments received for Contracts in progress and/or completed, within the last Five (5) years divided by Five (5) years.


Experience in Automatic Fare collection system contracts in the role of prime contractor (single entity or JV member) during the last 10 (Ten) years prior to the stipulated date for submission of bid.

Experience in the following Substantially (ii) completed Similar work (s) (i) in the role of Prime contractor (Single entity or JV member (iii), iv) ) at any time during the last 10 (Ten) years prior to the stipulated date for submission of bid, One work involving similar work (i) for Metro Rail Project/ LRTS for minimum 21 Stations.

Similar Work means Design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing & Commissioning of Contactless Smartcard-based AFC system consisting of Back-office System, TOM, TVM, Automatic Gate, Station Server etc. for Metro rail projects/LRTS for which client (or end- user) has issued Operational Certificate and the system shall be in successful operation for minimum 1 year.

Substantial completion for ongoing works shall be based on at least 80% (Financial progress) works completed under the Contract. Completion shall be evidenced by submission of end-user certificates such as Taking-over Certificates and Completion Certificates as required to be submitted as attachment to Form EXP-2(a) or Form EXP-2(b) of Section IV – Bidding Forms.

For contracts under which the Bidder participated as a JV member, only the Bidder’s share, by value, shall be considered to meet this requirement. A JV entity, if bids for this work with the same arrangement as that of its previous work, shall be evaluated as a Single Entity with respect to the Eligibility and Qualification criteria.

In case of a JV, the value of Contracts completed by its members shall not be aggregated to determine whether the requirement of the minimum value of a single Contract has been met. Instead, each Contract performed by each member shall satisfy the minimum value of a single Contract as required for a single entity. In determining whether the JV meets the requirement of total number of Contracts, only the number of Contracts completed by all members each of value equal or more than the minimum value required shall be aggregated.

In case of a JV Bidder, in which one member is a wholly owned Indian subsidiary of the lead member of the JV Bidder, this requirement will not be applicable to such Indian subsidiary member.

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Source: CMRL- Tender | Image Credit (representational): CMRL