Chennai Metro initiates tender for licensing of street level Kiosk at various metro stations in Phase-1 and extension

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) unveiled an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses, has invited digitally signed open e-tender for the Auction document for licensing of street level Kiosk at various metro stations in Phase-1 and its extension, Chennai.

Brief about Tender Submission:

The Tender Number is (CMRL/BD/Kiosks-11/Kiosk/2023/489/04) for the above work. The EMD amount for this tender is INR 1,56,000/- and the Contract Period for the same is 1825 Days.

Prospective bidders can download the tender document starting from 18th December, 2023 whereas the submissions are open from 03rd January, 2024 and the last date for the submission is 11th January, 2024, and it will open on 12th January, 2024.

CMRL Phase-1 and its Extension:

  • Chennai Metro Phase-1 encompasses two dynamic corridors — Corridor 1 from Wimco Nagar Depot to Airport and Corridor 2 from Central to St.Thomas Mount. There will be 41 stations of which 21 will be underground and 20 will be elevated.
  • The operational Corridor-2 from Chennai Central to St. Thomas Mount and Corridor-1 from Wimco Nagar Depot to Airport stations of Phase – I along with its extension, form a crucial part of Chennai’s evolving metro landscape.
  • As part of its existing mandate Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has also undertaken to capture value from real estate in such a manner that on one hand it gives sustainable additional revenue to CMRL, and on the other hand facilitates CMRL commuters by providing a one stop solution for their needs.
  • Through this Bid, CMRL intends to select Licensee(s) to take up on ‘Licence basis’ the offered Kiosk bare space as mentioned in Annexure-1. The Station is easily accessible by road, suburban railway network and metro network from all parts of Chennai.
  • It is proposed to grant Licensing Rights for commercial use, as detailed in this document, approximately 10 to 20 sq metres of area per kiosk at locations is available.

Table listing Kiosk space details:

Sr. No.Name of Metro Station

BD Space Code

Location LevelArea (in sqm)EMD
2Little MountSLI-KS8-02Street1021000

Terms and Conditions:

Commencement of Licence fees will be from 76 th day (15 days Plan Approval period + 60 days Fitment Period) from the date of issue of notice to takeover/handing over, whichever is earlier.

The Licence fee and other charges and taxes shall commence and become payable immediately after the fitment period from the date of handing over of the site / Commencement of Licence Agreement and shall be charged until the termination/ completion of agreement. 

The Successful bidder / Licensee is expected to complete his furnishing / development work in all respects within this fitment period. No relaxation or further extension of the fitment period on any account will be given or considered.

The Successful bidder / Licensee voluntarily and unequivocally agrees not to seek any claim, Compensation on, damages or any other consideration whatsoever on account of not taking over physical possession of Scheduled allotted shop/space on date of deemed handing over, if applicable.

CMRL reserves its right to withdraw a few spaces or locations approved from the License Rights. The Licensee hereby voluntarily and unequivocally agrees not to seek any claim, damages, compensation or any other consideration, whatsoever on this account. The Licensee shall vacate the premises of such locations within a period of 30 days from such intimation.

It is proposed to give 15-20 Sq.m per Kiosk area (approximately) which are being offered for licensing rights. The vacant bare Kiosk Space as mentioned in Annexure-1, shall be handed over on “as is where is basis” within 15 days from the date of receipt of full payment as stipulated in Letter of Acceptance.

The tenderer to quote over & above of the reserve price of the License Fee per sq.m / per month shall be quoted by the Licensee in BOQ Bid Form only through e-tendering portal. Licence fee will be escalated @ 5% for every year from the date of commencement of licence fee, on compounding basis.

Tenure of Licence Agreement:

  • Licensing Rights of Kiosk space shall be for an initial period of 5 years, extendable by 2 years, unless otherwise terminated by CMRL or surrendered by the Licensee. The tenure of Licence Agreement shall commence from the date of commencement of Licence fees.
  • The licensee shall have the option to exit from the License Agreement only after issue of three months prior notice to CMRL. In this case, Security Deposit of the Licensee shall be refunded after adjusting the dues, if any, to be payable by the Licensee.
  • If the licensee is exiting the License Agreement without issuing 3 months’ notice, the interest free Security Deposit shall be forfeited in favour of CMRL besides recovering other dues if any. Licensee shall not make any dispute and make any claims in this regard. No partial surrender of Kiosk Space shall be permissible.

The complete documents can be downloaded from

Source: CMRL- Tender | Image Credit (representational): CMRL

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