Chennai Metro marks remarkable achievement as ‘TBM Kaveri’ successfully enters the Adyar River

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) achieved a remarkable feat as the “Kaveri” TBM successfully entered the Adyar River, marking the first-ever metro tunnel beneath its waters.

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The Chennai Metro project achieves a historic feat on 30th December, 2023 as the “Kaveri” Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) successfully penetrates the Adyar River, marking a groundbreaking moment for the city’s metro system with its first-ever metro tunnel beneath the river. This breakthrough paves the way for connecting Greenways Road and Adyar Junction stations, significantly enhancing the city’s connectivity.

Kaveri embarked on its journey in February 2023 at Greenways Road Station in Corridor-3 contract TU02, stretching between Kellys and Taramani of Phase –2 Chennai Metro Rail Project. The Two TBM’s commenced from Greenways Road Station to Adyar Junction Station (1.226km), had bored 583 metres before diving into the riverbed.

  • Its partner, “Adyar” TBM, follows closely at 250m and will join within 20 days. Both will tunnel under DB Road and the iconic Mr. Vi. Ka. Bridge, reaching Adyar Junction Station.
  • Kaveri’s success exemplifies the project’s dedication and brings Chennai closer to a smoother, more extensive metro network.
  • This significant achievement was witnessed by Mr. T. Archunan, Director (Projects) accompanied by Tmt. Rekha Prakash, CGM (P&D), Thiru. T.Livingstone Eliazer, CGM (PP&D) and several other officials and staff present at the site.

The successful entry of ‘TBM Kaveri’ into the Adyar river not only signifies a historic moment for Chennai Metro but also underlines the commitment to advancing the city’s metro infrastructure. This achievement marks a pivotal step towards a more comprehensive and efficient metro network for the people of Chennai.

Source: CMRL- Tender | Images Credit: CMRL

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