Chennai Metro Update: 84.37 lakh passengers recorded to have travelled in September, 2023

Chennai Metro has always endeavoured to provide the people of Chennai a safe, efficient and a reliable travel partner, thus the ridership continues to increase as per the following details given below.

More Details:

The ridership details from January to September 2023 are as follows:

Sr. No.MonthTotal number of passengers travelled
1January, 202366,07,458
2February, 202363,69,282
3March, 202369,99,341
4April, 202366,85,432
5May, 202372,68,007
6June, 202374,06,876
7July, 202382,53,692
8August, 202385,89,977
9September, 202384,37,182

September 15, 2023 recorded the highest passenger flow for the month,with 3,37,586 passengers.

In the month of September, 2023 a total of 32,54,175 passengers have utilised the QR Code ticketing system (Online QR – 1,95,222; Static QR – 90,786; Paper QR – 24,96,130; Paytm – 2,87,083; Whatsapp – 1,84,954), 43,63,739 passengers have used Travel Card Ticketing System, 2,68,579 passengers have used Token System, 6,986 passengers have used Group Ticketing System and 5,43,703 passengers have used NCMC Singara Chennai Card.

CMRL offers a 20% discount on all ticketing (Metro Travel Card, Mobile QR Code ticketing – Single, Return, Group Tickets and Q.R Trip passes, Whatsapp and Paytm). Passengers can now also book their tickets through CMRL Whatsapp Ticketing System (+91 83000 86000) and paytm also.

Source: Chennai Metro- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): CMRL