Chennai Metro Update: Tender invited for independent safety assessment services for signalling, train control and PSD systems for Phase-2

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has invited digitally signed open e-tender through e-procurement portal for Independent safety assessment services for signalling, train control systems and PSD systems of CMRL Phase-2.

  • Tender Reference Number: CMRL/PHASE–II/SYS/ISA03/2023
  • Name of Work: Independent safety assessment services for signalling, train control systems and PSD systems of CMRL Phase-2.
  • EMD: INR 12,30,000/-
  • Duration of Contract: 1600 Days
  • Document Download/Sale Start Date: 13th July, 2023
  • Document Download/Sale End Date: 10th Oct, 2023
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 09th Aug, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 04th Oct, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 10th Oct, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 11th Oct, 2023

Scope of Work:

  • This document specifies the General and Particular Specification of the Independent Safety Assessment services for Chennai Metro Rail Limited Phase 2 Project which includes Corridor 3, 4 and 5.
  • The Works to be executed under the Contract include Assessment of the CBTC GOA 4 Signalling system, five makes of Platform Screen systems and the integration of the signalling system with the rail vehicles and Platform Screen Door Systems.


  • Refer the line map in Appendix 2A
    • Corridor 3 (C3): From Madhavaram Milk Colony to SIPCOT-2: 44 km
    • Corridor 4 (C4): From Poonamallee Bypass to Light House: 26 km
    • Corridor 5 (C5): From Madhavaram Milk Colony to Sholinganallur: 45 km
  • A service loop is available between C4 and C5 near Karambakkam station which is for passenger train movement as well as for rake movement with all functions of UTO, ARS, Timetable, Passenger information systems etc. Service loop will be used by other unequipped vehicles also. C3 and C5 are meeting at Madhavaram and Sholinganallur.
  • Two Major Depots are available namely at Poonamallee depot and Madhavaram Depot. Apart from the depots, stabling locations and sidings are available on the mainline where rolling stocks can be stabled overnight as well as in revenue hours based on the operational requirements. The sidings on mainline will also be used for sick rolling stock stabling in revenue hours.
  • Overhead catenary system, Rigid OCS and Flexible OCS, 25 KV AC.
  • Track gauge with 60E1,1080 grade HH rails in mainline, 60E1 880 grade rail at depot: 1435 mm nominal. Mainline track will be ballast-less in nature. Depot can be ballasted or ballast less.
  • Full height PSD will be provided in Underground stations and Half Height PSD will be provided in Elevated stations. PSDs will be provided for 3 car trains and shall be extendable to 6 car train length in future.
  • Civil Elevated sections will be mainly Prestressed U-girder viaducts and in Turnout areas, I girder viaducts will be used.
  • The Civil Underground section will be mainly circular bored tunnels and in turnout areas and some locations box structure will be used.
  • Rolling stock will be Electrical Multiple Units (EMU), standard gauge with 2.9m car width with end evacuation facility. Rolling stock will be operated in 3 car configurations and shall be extendable to 6 car configurations. In this project three different types of rolling stocks are planned, totaling 138 rolling stocks.
  • Signalling system will be a CBTC based moving block system with UTO mode of operation as the normal mode of working. In the project all three corridors will be equipped with one type of signalling system to enable Interoperability. 
  • Depots also will be equipped with CBTC signalling to operate in driverless mode.
  • Various Maintenance and Rescue Vehicles will be used in the corridors namely Rail cum road rescue vehicle, OCS maintenance Vehicle, Rail grinding vehicles, Shunters etc. 3 Catenary maintenance vehicles.
  • The system is designed for 24×7 application, where the maintenance of various systems and passenger operation (in stations and track side) will be occurring in lean hours by obtaining localised maintenance blocks.

Signalling system:

  • For CMRL Phase 2 project one signalling system is envisaged. The name of the contract is ASA04. The contractor is the Hitachi consortium.
  • The system involves various subsystems like ATP, ATO, IXL, UTO, ATS, Video Management Systems etc. The ATP, IXL systems are SIL 4. ATS is SIL 2 systems. The system will have two types of control workstations in OCC and Stations which will be SIL 4 and SIL 2 respectively.
  • The signalling system will have capability of scheduled operation of trains in unmanned manner with automated driverless depots. The signalling system also has remote commands to troubleshoot the failures of certain sub-systems of Rolling stock.
  • The system is based on IEEE1474 and EN 62290. The bi-directional communication between the track side and the on-board system is via Wi-Fi radio network complying to IEEE 802.11 standard.
  • The Particular Specification of ASA-04 contract is attached as Appendix 2B for more details.
  • The safety assessment of the signalling system and its integration to various systems like PSD and Rolling stock is part of the scope of this work package.

Platform Screen Door system:

  • For the CMRL Ph 2 project five PSD systems are envisaged. ASA10 Package for Corridor 4 will have two makes, namely Half height PSD for elevated stations and Full height PSD for Underground stations. ASA10 is awarded to M/s Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co. Ltd. ASA12 package is for Half height PSD for elevated stations of Balance C3-C5 section.
  • ASA11 package is for Full height PSD for Underground stations of JICA corridor of C3-C5. ASA09 package is for Half height PSD for elevated stations of JICA corridor C3-C5. The procurement process of ASA09, ASA11, ASA12 is under process.
  • The PSD system comprises Motorised sliding doors, Emergency Egress Doors, Manual Secondary doors. The sliding doors are electrically powered. All doors are monitored for their close/open/lock status.
  • The Door control unit and its functionality are SIL 3 or SIL 2. The All doors closed and Locked signal from PSD to Signalling will be SIL 4 signal. The individual doors of PSD can be inhibited from the ATS terminal of Signalling.
  • The Particular Specification of ASA10 contract is attached as Appendix 2C for more details.
  • The safety assessment of each makes of PSD systems and its integration to the signalling system is part of the scope of this work package.

Train control systems:

  • There are four overriding considerations which are of the highest importance in the development of the Signalling & Train Control System.
  • Signalling & Train Control System & PSD shall be designed by the Contractor to smoothly support a close headway operation in different operating modes while accommodating and recovering from various perturbations.
  • The attainment of the reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety requirements of the System will be verified by analysis, simulation, testing and commissioning, and system demonstrations as required in this Specification.
  • The attainment of the operating performance requirements, e.g., Signalled headway and throughput; and The minimization of the amount of trackside equipment.
  • The Signalling and Train Control System and Video Management System (VMS) for the entire Chennai Metro Rail Phase 2 project (120 km line length spanning over 3 corridors and total 138 rolling stocks (from three different supplier) comprising of design, manufacture, verification, supply, installation, testing, integration, and commissioning by the Contractor including provision of training and Maintenance.
  • Contractor shall comply to follow the latest standards / functionality that would be published at design stage, Decision of Employer’s Engineer shall be final for both S&TC and VMS system.
  • The Contractor shall be responsible for providing a System design, maintenance procedures, and defining the recommended spares holdings to ensure that the Availability Requirements of the Signalling & Train Control Systems shall be achieved.
  • The measures for S&TC systems Availability shall be Mean Time Between Service-Affecting Failures (MTBSAF).
  • The availability figures shall be met by the Signalling & train Control System per 12 route km approx. of the line. For calculation purposes, only relevant failures viz failure of track detection device, signal, point machine, interlocking, onboard ATC, Balise, ATS, bidirectional communication etc. shall be covered.
  • The discretion of determining delay on account of any relevant failure rests solely with the Engineer and shall be final. The delay is calculated by the time lost by the first affected train due to a relevant failure. The determination of delay shall be further developed during DLP.
  • The Signalling and Train Control Systems shall provide for bi-directional running under all operating modes throughout the entire infrastructure of the Project. The Signalling and Train Control System shall provide full protection of ATP in ATP/ATO/UTO mode of the train running.
  • The ATS functions like ARS, Timetable, Passenger information system interface etc shall work in bidirectional running also. The bi-directional running requirement shall be demonstrated by the Contractor.


  • Minimum average annual turnover of INR 80 crores calculated as total certified payments received for Contracts in progress and/or completed, within the last Five (5) years divided by Five (5) years.

Work Experience:

  • Experience in Platform Screen Doors contracts in the role of Single entity without any  specialist subcontractor or as a Specialist Subcontractor (vi) or as a Member of the  JV/Consortium (iv) and must have substantially (iii) completed between 1st January 2012 and the bid submission deadline.
  • A minimum number of;
    • One work involving Platform Screen door system in Metrorail/Monorail/People Mover/Railway project/Light Rail; of Value INR. 132 crores (ii) or above, or
    • Two works involving Platform Screen door system in Metrorail/Monorail/People Mover/ Railway project/Light Rail; each of Value INR 83 crores(ii) or above, or
    • Three works involving Platform Screen door system in Metrorail/Monorail/People Mover/  Railway project/Light Rail; each of Value INR 66 crores (ii) or above.

The complete documents can be downloaded from

Source: CMRL- Tender | Image Credit (representational): CMRL

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