Chennai Metro Update: Tenders invited for supply of Machinery and Plant at Poonamallee Depot

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has invited digitally signed open e-tender through e-procurement portal from reputed, experienced, financially sound, eligible applicants for “Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Machinery and Plant at Poonamallee Depot and Training of Personnel on turnkey basis”.

  • Tender Reference Number: CMRL/PHASE-II/SYS/C4-DM100/22
  • Name of work: “Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing &  Commissioning of Machinery and Plant  at Poonamallee Depot and Training of  Personnel on turnkey basis”.
  • EMD Amount: INR 37,77,000/-
  • Duration of Contract: 600+ 730(DNP) days
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 04-Apr-2022 
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 02-Aug-2022 
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 22-Jul-2022 
  • Bid Submission End Date: 02-Aug-2022 
  • Bid Opening Date: 03-Aug-2022 
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 19-May-2022 

General Requirements: 

  • The Contractor shall put in place a full testing program to demonstrate that all the requirements of the Specification are met.
  • The Contractor shall develop an Integration Testing & Commissioning plan to verify the machines in all modes of operation and with all necessary interfacing requirements. Test programs, methods and results shall be documented and submitted to the CMRL.
  • The Contractor shall include in the Integration Testing & Commissioning plan, methodology of ensuring safety during integration testing and commissioning and service trials.
  • CMRL may conduct independent safety audits and will therefore require access to all the relevant design and product information. The Contractor shall provide all necessary assistance to CMRL.
  • All the tests shall be carried out by the Contractor. CMRL shall be invited to attend as a witness. However, this does not absolve the Contractors responsibility to test to the applicable standard and the Specification. All the costs associated with the CMRL’s representative(s) witnessing of tests shall be borne by the Contractor either in India or abroad.
  • During the execution of works, the Contractor’s support shall include, but not be limited to:
    • Provision of test equipment.
    • Attendance of competent staff.
    • Provision of test procedures.
    • CMRL may request that repeat tests be carried out to simulate the failure mode of any critical hardware/ software component that is deemed to have a significant effect on the safety or reliability of the system.
    • The Contractor shall provide any simulation equipment, required for testing or commissioning.
    • The Contractor shall submit a Testing and Commissioning programme for the CMRL’s review.
    • The Contractor shall provide details of the testing activities as specified in the Specification.
    • All alterations to equipment, systems and designs shall be carried out within the scheduled time prior to installation & commissioning.
    • Access shall be granted to the CMRL to any facility where installation, cutover work, or other tests are in progress.
    • CMRL reserves the right to access at any time the records of all pre and post installation inspection and testing of equipment. In the absence of adequate documentation, CMRL shall have the right to request the Contractor to repeat these tests to avoid problems being accumulated at subsequent phases. Testing and commissioning will not be allowed to start until the Post Installation Inspection and Testing phases are Completed.

Scope of Work:

The scope of the Works, in addition to those specified in the Chapter -1 of Part 2 including the following:

  • Design, Manufacture, Supply, Spares, Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Training including 2 years of DLP (warranty period) for two (02) numbers of Battery-operated Rail cum road Shunter of continuous draw bar pull/tractive effort Capacity 35 kN at CMRL Phase-II Standard Gauge corridor/depot. The scope of supply shall include all equipment and accessories required to make the shunter fully functional as per the Employer’s Requirements.
  • Preventive schedule and unscheduled Maintenance during DLP.
  • The Battery Charger, in-built with the Shunter shall be a part of the supply.
  • Charging cable matching with the depot electrical outlet shall be supplied along with Shunter.
  • The Shunter contractor shall coordinate with respective interfacing contractors to get the final relevant design data before designing and manufacturing the Shunter.

The Tender documents can be downloaded from the CPP PORTAL

Source: CMRL-Tender | Image Credit (representational): CMRL