Chennai Metro Update: Tenders invited for supply of Standard Gauge Metro Rolling Stock for Phase-2

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Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has invited digitally signed open e-tender through e-procurement portal from reputed, experienced, financially sound, eligible applicants, who fulfill the qualification criteria as mentioned in the tender through International Competitive Bidding (ICB) under Single Stage two Envelope (Technical & Financial) system for the works as detailed below under loan disbursement of Japan International Cooperative Agency (JICA).  

  • Tender Reference Number: CMRL/PHII/SYS/CP26/ARE02/2021
  • Name of work: Design, Manufacture, Supply, Testing, Commissioning of Standard Gauge Metro Rolling Stock (Electrical Multiple Units) and Training of Personnel.”
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 26-Jul-2021
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 23-Nov-2021
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 15-Nov-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 23-Nov-2021

General Description of System:

  • Rake configuration – The rake configuration shown throughout the tender documents is DMC+TC+DMC as the proposed configuration is with 67% propulsion.
  • The rake configuration is proposed for Grade of Automation-4 Unattended Train Operation.
  • Future 6-car rakes will have the configuration of DMC+TC+MC+MC+TC+DMC (67% traction power) for Grade of Automation-4 Unattended Train Operation.
  • The CMRL Metro Phase 2 Project will be approximately 118.9 km long, operating within three corridors i.e.,
    • Corridor 3 from Madhavaram to Sipcot of 45.8 Km,
    • Corridor 4 from Lighthouse to Poonamalle of 26.1 Km,
    • Corridor 5 from Madhavaram to Shollinganallur of 47 Km
  • And their inter-corridor operations in the Chennai Metro Rail Phase 2 Project. The route will be approximately 76.3 km elevated and 42.6 km underground.
  • Underground stations will be equipped with Full Platform Screen Doors (PSD) and elevated stations shall include half-height Platform Screen Doors (PSD).
  • Each station will be provided with Smart Card/NCMC/QR/Bio-Metric/any latest better Automatic Fare Collection system with vending machines. The system will operate under a “proof of payment” regime.
  • The Complete network will be electrified at 25kV AC single phase, 50Hz with auto- tensioned Overhead Flexible catenary & contact wire system and overhead rigid catenary system.
  • This overhead catenary system shall be available in elevated, underground and at-grade system.
  • The trains will be configured in 3-car rakes consisting of two Driving Motor Car and One Trailer Car with 67% motorization for complete train.
  • This specification establishes requirements for the design, development, manufacture, supply, testing, delivery, commissioning and integrated testing of fully furnished modern passenger cars with microprocessor controlled 3-phase AC asynchronous motor or latest better motor technology with variable voltage and variable frequency (VVVF) drive Control and suitable for Unattended train operation conforming to Grade of Automation – GOA4 as specified in IEC 62290-1:2014 or latest, including the training of personnel authorized by CMRL. 
  • The trains shall be able to operate in GOA4 right after commissioning and from the initial stage of passenger operations. 
  • The at-grade, underground and elevated sections have ballast less track in mainline and Ballasted track in in depots.
  • The cars shall be designed to meet the performance requirement given in ERTS Section 2.14 of this specification. The track gauge is 1435mm.
  • Un-attended Train Operation (UTO) shall be the predominant mode of train operation. In case if CMRL does not engage UTO for any reason at any stage of passenger operation or non-passenger operation, the train operator will be onboard to drive the train under ATO or Manual Mode (under ATP).
  • The cars required for the various Lines shall be delivered and commissioned by the Contractor at the nominated train Maintenance Depots of CMRL Phase 2.
  • The Contractor shall base his Testing & Commissioning Organization and Maintenance Organization at these nominated depots. Poonamalle depot and Madhavaram depot are the nominated train maintenance depots of CMRL Phase 2.

The System shall also include the following requirements:

  • To provide all the documentation and support material associated with the operation and maintenance of the cars as specified in the tender document for all the corridors.
  • Ongoing technical support and Defects Liability coverage until the completion of the Defect Notification period of last train, and rectifying the defects and deficiencies as communicated by the CMRL.
  • Interfacing with any other Designated Contractors of CMRL who have any type of interface with this Rolling stock contract.
  • Training of CMRL personnel, operations & maintenance staff, providing the training materials, training kits and demonstration of the system during training.
  • Supply and installation of all consumables and materials required for testing, commissioning, maintenance & operation.
  • To provide final drawings, design calculations and other documents including operations and maintenance manuals for review and acceptance by CMRL.
  • To provide supporting information such as 3-D design models, scale models, studies and reports including samples for design development items.
  • Supply of spares, special tools, special testing & diagnostic equipment and special training equipment, in sufficient quantities to meet the maintenance requirements.
  • Preparation of documents for obtaining approvals by CMRL from the appropriate statutory authorities.
  • Following types of cars and configuration shall be adopted DMC: Driving Motor car, TC: Trailer car with pantographs and DMC: Driving Motor cars.

The Tender documents can be downloaded from CMRL website or CPP portal

Source: CMRL-Tender | Image Credit (representational): CMRL

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