Delhi Metro Awards Electrical Works Contract to Kalpataru Projects International

In a strategic development, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) has issued a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) to M/s Kalpataru Projects International Ltd. for electrical, cabling and SCADA systems for underground & elevated corridors of Line-8 ext. and Line-10 of Phase-4 Project.

  • Tender Reference Number: DE-08
  • Name of Work: Design, detail engineering, manufacturing, supply, installation, testing & commissioning of 25KV AC Traction (RIGID OHE), 33KV Auxiliary Sub Stations (ASS), associated cabling and SCADA systems for underground corridors of Line-8 ext. and underground & elevated corridors of Line-10 of Delhi Metro MRTS Phase-4.
  • Awarded Value: INR 2,79,26,71,779.84/-
  • Contract Period: 36 Months

In April 2023, the DMRC has invited a tender for Tender Number: DE-08


The item description is intended to briefly describe the work to be performed under that  item and to identify associated work. It is not a full and complete description of the work to be performed. The Contractor shall carry out all the work necessary to meet the requirements of the Specifications.

The Tender’s attention is drawn to the General Conditions (GC), Particular Conditions  (PC), Employer’s Requirements (General specifications and Particular specifications) and Tender Drawings, which are to be read in conjunction with the Bill of Quantities. This Preamble shall serve as a definitive guide to the measurement of quantities and payment.  The Tenderer should quote the rates considering that this contract is on Turnkey basis.

This Contract is a re-measurement Contract for “Design, Detail Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 25KV AC Traction (RIGID OHE), 33KV Auxiliary Sub Stations (ASS), Associated Cabling and SCADA Systems for Underground Corridors of Line-8 Ext. & Underground and Elevated corridor of Line-10 of Delhi Mass Rapid Transport System Project Phase-IV”.

Scope of Works:

  • Detailed design and detailed engineering, design verification, supply, installation, testing (including integrated testing and commissioning), technical support, supervision of maintenance, training of Employer’s staff, Supply of Spares, Tools and documentation for a complete System, necessary to deliver the requirements of this Specification.
  • The construction studies and drawings, design, verification of site data, drawings, programs for execution, schedule of ordering, schedule of receipt.
  • The procurement of the whole equipment including spare parts, tools, special tools, manufacturer’s recommended tools and testing equipment. The procurement of the whole equipment including spare parts as per the Spare policy,
  • The on-site erection and setting of electrical fixed installations and technical buildings described in relevant Basic Design documents,
  • The in-plant testing, and acceptance tests,
  • Inspection and Maintenance of Installed plant and equipment during specified period.
  • Deployment of necessary manpower for portals engaged under phase-IV of MRTS project such as Vendor Payment Portal (VPP), System for Tracking And Monitoring of Projects (STAMP), Building Information Modelling (BIM);
    • Transfer of technology 
    • The on-site testing, 
    • The commissioning of installation, and acceptance protocols, 
    • Deployment of maintenance staff during DLP 
    • The supply of relevant documentation mainly including: 
    • Design documents, calculations, drawings, 
    • Installation, execution, and as-built drawings, 
    • Test procedures, 
    • Maintenance operation manuals; the contractor is required to submit soft copies of all the documents,
    • The on-site training sessions.
  • The work shall include all activities to make the units fully functional and to meet the requirements of power supply arrangement. Any other items of work as may be required to be carried out for completing the work under this contract in all respects in accordance with the provisions of contract and/or to ensure the safety of installation during and after execution.

The Bidder should clearly identify how following major activities, covered in the scope of work, are proposed to be executed:

  • Development of Definitive Design and Detail Engineering as per Scope of Contract 
  • Procurement of major equipment for 25 kV Rigid OHE System in Underground Tunnels and 33 kV Auxiliary Sub Stations at Underground & elevated Stations
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Rigid OHE and ASS equipment as in (ii) above 
  • SCADA System and its Interface with other system wide contractors 
  • 33kV cabling required for ASS work 
  • 33 kV Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS). 
  • 25kV & 3.3kV cabling required for 25kV Supply 
  • 25 kV Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS), Interrupter, isolators, circuit Breaker and Load Break Switches etc. 
  • Transition arrangement of 25 kV Rigid OHE to 25 kV flexible OHE in ramp portion
  • Earthing system (based upon simulation study). 
  • Tunnel earth wire (TEW) and other earthing conductor & accessories. 
  • Thermite /Exothermic welds in track for connection of cables for return current continuity and for earthing of equipment. 
  • Simulation Study for EMI / EMC and calculation of voltage induced in different services. 
  • Validation (Auditing) of design & installation of ROCS through Independent Agency. 
  • Interlinking works with other Lines
  • Retractable Catenary works
  • Masts or Portal required for Mounting Overhead Equipment
  • The above works include all other works required to make each system fully functional in all respects.

This contract underscores Delhi Metro’s commitment to advancing its infrastructure to meet growing urban mobility demands. The awarded project aligns with the city’s phased expansion plan, enhancing connectivity and transit efficiency for millions of commuters.

Source: DMRC- Tender Update | Image Credit (representational): DMRC

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