Delhi Metro invites tender for Train Operations Services on Red and Green Line

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) has invited tender for Train Operations Services on Red Line (Shahdara Crew Control) and Green Line (Mundka Crew Control) of Delhi Metro network.

Brief about Tender Submission:

Name of Work: Train Operations Services on Red Line (Shahdara Crew Control) and Green Line (Mundka Crew Control) of Delhi Metro network.

Tender Reference Number DMRC/TRAIN-OPS-03/2023
Estimated Cost (in Rs.) 65,10,00,000/-
EMD (in Rs.) 5,07,246/-
Contract Period Red Line: 77 Months / Green Line: 77 Months
Document Download/Sale Start Date 02nd Jan, 2024
Bid Submission Start Date 23rd Jan, 2024
Bid Submission End Date 31st Jan, 2024
Pre Bid Meeting Date 10th Jan, 2024
Bid Opening Date 01st Feb, 2024


The Contractor shall manage Train Operation services as per DMRC’s requirements. Successful Bidder [Contractor] may be asked to provide entire / partial services, by deploying their trained & competent manpower, on other Lines and upcoming Lines of Delhi Metro network, in case of any need / emergency. The management of Train Operation Services shall be carried out by a team of Train Drivers, Train Driver Supervisors & Train Driver Manager.

Scope of Works:

  • Outsourced Train Operations Staff shall operate train services as per the Timetable and following the instructions of Traffic Controller [deployed at Operation Control Centre (OCC)] for train movement on the Mainline and Depot Controller instructions for movement of trains in the Depot.
  • It is required to manage the Train Operations Services i.e. driving the train and managing the Crew Control at Shahdara on Red Line and Crew Control at Mundka on Green Line. Brief of the required services (Train Running Hours), working requirements (timetable) and area of deployment is detailed as under:
Sr. No. Line Location Average Train Running Hours per day(subject to change as per operational requirement of DMRC)
1 Red Shahdara Crew Control 532
2 Green Mundka Crew Control 343

Duties of Train Driver Manager:

Planning of training and deployment of Train Drivers and Train Driver Supervisors. Study and have thorough knowledge of Contract Terms & Conditions, Rules, Train Operating Procedures, different Manuals pertaining to Train Operations and Train Operation related Circulars and Instructions of DMRC, issued from time to time.

Any Safety Circular or Instruction brought out by DMRC regarding Train Operations should be explained to Train Drivers/ Train Driver Supervisors and assurances to be taken in this regard and keep a record of the same.

Should act as an interface between the Operating Department of DMRC and Contractor’s Train Operations staff. TDM shall also be responsible for dissemination of information / instructions to Train Driver Supervisors and Train Drivers related to latest Circulars, Guidelines, etc. issued by DMRC from time to time. TDM shall also display such information on the notice board at the Train Drivers Lobby.

Ensure satisfactory train operations services as per operational requirements of DMRC. Shall not take or use any alcoholic drink, sedative, narcotic or stimulant drug or preparation within eight hours before the commencement of his duty and during duty or take or use any such drink or preparation.

Certify the monthly Train Running Hours operated and reconcile the same for submission of Bill/Invoice after verification by DMRC Official. Compile & maintain Train Running Hours data on daily basis and share with DMRC on a weekly basis. Overtime hours of Train Driver [TD] & Train Driving Supervisor [TDS] shall also be verified by TDM during Billing, if applicable.

However, no overtime Claim shall be made by the Contractor to DMRC. Shall conduct Periodic and Surprise Inspections to evaluate quality of train operations services, TD’s performance, safety consciousness, knowledge of Rules, Procedures and their adherence, etc. and share the action taken report on monthly basis for the same with DMRC.

Shall keep a record of habits of all TDs of frequent slippages and wrong operational habits and keep continuous vigil and check on these kinds to prevent further recurrence, share the detailed report and action taken on monthly basis for the same with DMRC. Ensure that TD who has not worked on a section for three months or more should be given road learning trips to refresh his knowledge as under:

  • If Duration of absence is 3-6 months,then1 round trip for Road learning.
  • If Duration of absence is more than 6 months, then3 round trips (including one night trip) for Road learning.
  • After TDS gets satisfied with the performance/confidence of the TDs then the TDs shall be allowed for passenger Train Operation after obtaining / possessing valid Competency.
  • Newly inducted as well as those TD/TDS who have not worked in the section for more than 30 consecutive days (i.e.TD & TDS who possess valid competency) shall be allowed for passenger train operation services only after TDM gets satisfied with the performance/confidence of such TDs / TDSs.

To ensure compliance of all contract terms & conditions and provision related to Train Operations. Ensure that duty shall be assigned to only those TDs who have valid competency and Periodical Medical Examination [PME] withA-1 fitness (at par with DMRC standards).

Any information related to VIP movement shall not be shared with anyone or social media and shall not interact or release statements to the media/social media. Set the standards and prepare the formats for monitoring of TDs performance and share them to DMRC in a format as desired by DMRC.

Shall evenly distribute/assign TDs to each TDS and ensure their counselling and inspections. Shall keep a grievance register at Crew Control for Redressal of complaints of TDs/TDSs, the report of which shall be submitted on monthly basis to DMRC. TDM must relay actual and active manpower strength available with declaration on a monthly basis and as per DMRC requirement.

TDM shall reply to each and every communication of DMRC. TDM shall maintain Line Defect Register and share with DMRC on a monthly basis. TDM shall give assurance of self and take assurance of all staff in Assurance Register whenever any new document or its corrigendum/addendum is issued by DMRC. TDM shall counter verify the assurance given by TDS.

TDM shall ensure that Assurance Register is updated every year in the first week of January. Service Deficiency Memo will be raised for the violation of applicable duties listed above. Contractor shall appoint a TDS as reliever of TDM with approval of DMRC as and when required. Not limited to above, any other instructions issued by DMRC from time to time regarding the  duties & responsibilities of the TDM, TDSs & TDs should be strictly adhered to.

Details about Completion Period of Work:

  • For Red Line: 77 Months (02 Months for Mobilisation + 03 Months of training +72 Months of Train Operations)
  • For Green Line: 77 Months (2.5 Months for Mobilisation + 2.5 Months of training +72 Months of Train Operations)
  • The Contract Period may be extended for 03 years and further for 03 years after the performance review, each time.


Work Experience:

The Tenderers will be qualified only if they have successfully completed or substantially completed ‘Similar Works’ during last seven years ending last day of the month previous to the month of tender submission as given below:

  • At least one ‘Similar Works’ of value of INR 8.12 crores or more, or
  • Two ‘Similar Works’ each of value of INR 5.08 crores or more, or
  • Three ‘Similar Works’ each of value of INR 4.06 crores or more.

Similar Works for this contract shall be works involving “Metro Train Operation/Railway Operation/ Metro Train Maintenance/ Maintenance of Locomotive, Wagon of Railways/ Metro Train Manufacturing/Metro Train Testing and Commissioning/Tram or LRT Operation/ Monorail Operation/Managing services involving provision of trained, uniformed and computer literate Skilled manpower at Metro Rail / Railway (excluding housekeeping and security & allied services)” Works related to housekeeping i.e. Train cleaning/Train washing shall not be treated as Train maintenance.

Tender document can only be obtained after registration of tenderer on the website

Source: DMRC- Tender | Image Credit (representational): DMRC

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