Delhi Metro removes pillar from the road in Noida Sector 52 metro station for the convenience of the commuters

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) restored normal traffic on the road adjoining Noida Sector 52 metro station after successfully removing a pillar of a Foot over Bridge (FOB) that was obstructing the flow of traffic. The road is now open for smooth traffic movement.

More Details:

  • With meticulous planning and round-the-clock execution, DMRC completed the task within a very short span of time. The FOB was constructed and opened for the ease of commuters travelling by Delhi Metro in March 2019.
  • However, in 2021, an underpass was constructed on the road below the FOB, resulting in one pillar of the FOB falling on the carriageway of the road which caused a lot of disturbance to the traffic flow.
  • However, in the interest of the public and for the convenience of the commuters, DMRC decided to shift this FOB pillar and clear the road of any obstructions. Accordingly, recognising the urgency of the situation, DMRC started the removal work in the first week of April, 2023.

  • A team of DMRC engineers planned the removal work in stages and cast a new foundation, erected the new pillars, dismantled the old one, and also restored the road dismantled during construction. It was a challenging task to get the work executed in a record time of just three months.
  • Adequate care was also taken to ensure the safety of the pedestrians and vehicles passing by that area. During this period, DMRC maintained regular liaison with the Noida Authority and Noida Traffic Police, who also extended their cooperation. DMRC carried out this work for Noida Authority and the funds were also provided by them.

Source: DMRC- Press Release | Images Credit: Delhi Metro