Delhi Metro Update: Tender invited for construction of pedestrian subway and other works between IGI Airport Metro station of Airport Express Line

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) has invited open e-tenders from eligible applicants, who fulfil qualification criteria for Design and construction of a pedestrian subway between existing IGI Airport Metro station of Airport Express Line at Terminal-3 to terminal T-2, Delhi Airport by box pushing method including construction of pushing and receiving shaft, entry/exit, connection of subway box with existing metro station, architectural finishing works etc.

  • Tender Reference Number: DIAL/DW-01
  • Name of Work: Design and construction of a pedestrian subway between existing IGI Airport Metro station of Airport Express Line at Terminal-3 to terminal T-2, Delhi Airport by box pushing method including construction of pushing and receiving shaft, entry/exit, connection of subway box with existing metro station, architectural finishing works etc.
  • Approximate Cost of Work: INR 26.60 Crores
  • EMD: INR 25 Lakhs
  • Completion Period: 21 Months
  • Document Download/Sale Start Date: 16th Aug, 2023
  • Document Download/Sale End Date: 25th Sep, 2023
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 25th Aug, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 18th Sep, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 25th Sep, 2023
  • Tender Opening Date: 26th Sep, 2023

Scope of Work:

  • The scope of work in brief is given below but the scope includes all other requirements stipulated in various parts/volumes of the contract document:
  • The work shall be executed based on items provided in the BOQ given in Tender.
  • Construction of the subway by box pushing methodology as per the alignment approved by Engineer-In-Charge and its subsequent architectural finishing so as to match the existing concourse floor level of the IGI Airport metro station.
  • The box pushing is to be executed keeping in consideration the presence of utilities, buildings etc. in the surrounding areas and traffic management concerns. The tentative alignment of the subway is enclosed in the Tender drawings. The internal dimension of Subway is 10 m (width) x 4.2 m (height).
  • Contractor shall engage a Detailed Design consultant (DDC) having sufficient work experience and take its approval from DMRC for civil structural design work of temporary works, subway boxes, thrust bed, entry/exits etc.
  • The contractor’s DDC has to submit the detailed design and drawings of temporary works, thrust Bed, RCC subway Boxes, Entry/Exit structure, connection details of IGI Airport station’s Retaining wall with subway box. The contractor shall submit all the drawings duly signed by their design team for review and approval of DMRC.
  • The pushing of individual boxes may have to be done along a gradient (upwards/downwards) as per the site requirements. Accordingly, construction of the thrust bed may be executed to accommodate the pushing of the boxes as per the gradient.
  • Submission of methodology for Installation of temporary works, RCC Box Pushing and construction of pushing, dismantling of knock down wall, and receiving shaft by cut and cover technique.
  • Submission of detailed method statements for all the works to be executed as per the latest applicable IS codes, Outline Construction Specification, Technical specification etc. as per the satisfaction and direction of engineer in charge.
  • Cut and cover shall comply with the relevant requirement of the Outline Design Specification and temporary ground support including elements to be incorporated into the permanent works, supported by bracing, ties or anchors, excavation and backfilling.
  • Contractor shall carry out the temporary supporting arrangement as per the design requirement.
  • Construction of Pushing and receiving shaft by temporary shoring/strutting for the  construction of Thrust bed, Entry/Exit structure and end connection with existing subway.
  • Construction of RCC Boxes suitable for pushing having internal size 10 m x 4.2 m as per approved drawings. Slab thickening/haunch at the base slab of RCC boxes shall have to be avoided during the design stage.
  • Length of Box segments shall not be less than 8m except for the first and last box.
  • Contractor shall submit methodology for joint sealing of the box considering warranty of leakage in the box for a period of 10 years.
  • Contractor shall carry out the construction of the Thrust bed as per the approved design and drawings. The thrust bed along with area for soil stacking shall be so designed that it can be constructed within a land of 20 m x 50 m and can accommodate at least 04 RCC box segments having internal width of 10 metre each. The area for the thrust bed has to be planned in such a way that for soil loading in dumpers using an excavator/crane accommodated in the above area.
  • Drag sheets arrangement shall be provided to minimise drag and disturbances of soil cushion on the boxes during box pushing operations. Minimum 65% of roof top area shall be covered by drag sheet.
  • Epoxy coating on box outer side and top surface. Nothing extra shall be payable for this.
  • Pushing of RCC Box of internal dimension 10 m x 4.2 m under Terminal T-2B Road. The contractor has to deploy its own resources, instruments and machineries to identify the level of concourse slab at the existing IGI Airport Metro station so as to match the same with the proposed pedestrian subway to be constructed.
  • Face stability techniques for excavating soil face like cement grouting, soil nailing etc may be adopted if required. Soil profiling and soil treatment to be adopted especially in reach of sandy strata or high water table or low soil cushion.
  • Advance probing to be done by suitable method from excavated face in order to avoid damage to water line, storm water line or sewer line in close vicinity.
  • Other miscellaneous works as per site requirements.
  • True and proper setting out and layout of works, bench marks and provision of all necessary labour, instruments, appliances in connection herewith as specified or as directed.
  • The contractor has to get necessary permissions/NOC from road and other concerned regulatory authorities for block and work in such locations. DMRC will only assist in getting the permission from the concerned regulatory authority for working in such conditions.
  • Diversion of utilities by liaison with their owning agency and as per approval of the concerned department is the responsibility of the Contractor and nothing extra is payable on this account. The contractor has to take necessary approvals from all the concerned departments to take up the work. DMRC shall assist in taking up permission.
  • The contractor shall submit their proposal for diversion of utilities. The contractor shall divert the utilities as per the approval of the concerned department and restore all the utilities to their original location after completion of work.
  • Controlled demolition of knock down wall at the existing IGI Airport metro station for connection of pedestrian subway.
  • A vehicular ramp for passengers travelling towards T-2 Departure Terminal is passing above the proposed subway alignment. Additionally, the entry/exit structure for the pedestrian subway is to be constructed adjacent to the Terminal T-2 Building.
  • Contractor while submitting their bids should keep in mind that there should be no disturbance and damage to the ramp structure, road, utilities and terminal building during the execution of works. Any measures adopted to rectify any sort of damage caused to the above structures shall not be reimbursed by DMRC.
  • Dewatering, If any.
  • Day to day cleaning of worksite and adjacent roads throughout the execution period. Nothing extra shall be paid on this account. The surrounding area has to be well maintained at all times and there should be no hindrance and inconvenience caused to any passenger travelling to/from the airport.
  • Cleaning of site and handing over of all the works as specified or as directed by Engineer is deemed to be inclusive in the cost.
  • All aspects of quality assurance, including testing of materials and other components of the work, as specified or as directed is deemed to be inclusive in the cost.
  • Preparing detailed drawings and working drawings for various components of the works and obtaining approval in respect thereof from the Engineer, inclusive of incorporation of all modifications, alterations, changes, etc. that may be required to be carried as directed is inclusive in the cost of item no NDSR-31.
  • Rectification of defects in the completed works during the Defect Liability period. Nothing extra shall be paid on this account.
  • Submission of completion drawings (As-Built) and other related documents is inclusive in the cost of item no NDSR-31.
  • Any other item of work may be required to be carried out for completing the construction of a subway of specified length including all necessary interfaces works with system-wide Contractors in all respects in accordance with the provisions of the Contract and/or to ensure the structural stability and safety during and after construction.
  • Works to be performed shall also include all general works preparatory to the construction and works of any kind necessary for the due and satisfactory construction, completion and maintenance of the works to the intent and meaning of the drawings adopted and technical specifications, to best Engineering standards and orders that may be issued by the Engineer from time to time, compliance by the agency with all Conditions of Contract, supply of all materials, apparatus, plants, equipment, tools, fuel, water, strutting, timbering, transport, offices, stores, workshop, staff, labour and the provision of proper and sufficient protective works, diversion, temporary fencing, lighting and watching required for the safety of the public and protection of works on adjoining land; first-aid equipment, sanitary accommodation for the staff and workmen, effecting and maintenance of all insurances, the payment of all wages, salaries, duties or the other charges arising out of the execution of works.
  • There is a possibility of some of the items not getting mentioned in the above list of works of the subway. Contractors are requested to go through the tender drawings also in detail as the works mentioned above as well as indicated in the tender drawings would be considered inclusive in the scope of work.
  • Employer decision shall be final in this regard in case of dispute. Some of the major utilities cannot be diverted. Contractor shall take into consideration the existence of these utilities and work at these locations accordingly shall be planned.
  • The permissions required from all other concerned Government Bodies like PWD, DDA, Traffic/Transport Department, Municipal Corporations, Delhi Jal Board, Forest department etc. for all the works mentioned in the trailing point shall be the sole responsibility of Contractor and shall be done at no additional cost as per satisfaction and direction of engineer in charge.
  • The contractor has to facilitate DMRC in obtaining permission/ approvals such as Fire clearance from Delhi fire Service (DFS) etc after completion of work.
  • Execution of civil finishing works as per the drawings provided by DMRC as per specifications, satisfaction and direction of Engineer in charge.
  • Arrangement of Site Office for DMRC officials of minimum area approx. 25 Sqm is inclusive in the cost. The site office shall be equipped with all basic amenities like toilet, electricity, drinking water, office furniture and consumables etc. which shall be duly maintained by the Contractor throughout the entire Contract Period at no additional cost as per the satisfaction and direction of engineer in charge.
  • The work is to be designed, constructed and maintained as per relevant specifications, special specifications and or as directed by the Engineer.
  • The contractor has to ensure cleanliness of the road by deploying manpower for the same. The contractor shall ensure proper brooming, cleaning of roads and footpaths at regular intervals or as required or directed throughout the entire stretch till the currency of contract including disposal of sewage. Nothing extra shall be payable on this account.
  • Barricading: The contractor shall have to provide temporary boundary wall/barricading all the land to be used for Construction of Subway, store, site office, casting yard etc.
  • The fixing of barricading will be paid as per BOQ. Other requirements of Safety, Health & Environment as specified in condition of contract on SHE is included in quoted price read with Annexure 3 and 4 of ITT.
  • Tree cutting & transplanting if any, after getting permission from forest department / nodal agencies. The payment of the same shall be made as per schedule.
  • Cost towards Survey, Instrumentation, Ground and building monitoring, risk analysis, settlement prediction, corrective actions in case of settlements preparation and submission of traffic management plan to DMRC is inclusive in the cost of NDSR-1 of BOQ.
  • Instrumentation and monitoring plans must be prepared by an established and experienced agency submitted to DMRC by the contractor. Surface settlement point shall be fixed 2 weeks prior to the start of pushing work. Base reading shall be noted initially. During pushing works readings shall be noted at required intervals. However utmost care shall be taken to keep the settlement in required limits.
  • The contractor shall have to obtain the details of sub soil investigation independently.
  • All aspects of quality assurance, including testing of materials and other components of the work, as specified or as directed.


Work Experience:

  • The tenderers will be qualified only if they have successfully completed or substantially completed similar work/works, during last seven years ending last day of the month previous to the month of tender submission as given below:
    • At least one “similar work” of value of INR 21.28 crore or more, or
    • Two “similar works” each of value of INR 13.30 crore or more, or
    • Three “similar works” each of value of INR 10.64 crore or more.
  • The “Similar works” for this contract shall be “Construction of Subway / Underpass / Cross passage / tunnel / Metro station (Underground)”

Specific Experience:

  • At least one similar work must include completion of “RCC Box pushing work” in a continuous length of at least 50 metres. In case, none of the above work(s) involves the “RCC Box pushing work” of minimum 50 metre continuous length and the bidder is a single entity, then bidder shall submit experience of “RCC Box pushing work” of at least 50 metre continuous length completed by them in any other work.
  • In case the bidder is a JV/Consortium, at least any one substantial member of the JV/Consortium must meet the requirement of specific experience also.
  • If the tenderer is a JV/Consortium having foreign partner(s) and above work(s) have been executed by the foreign partner of JV and the work(s) were done in the country of the foreign partner, then in addition to this the foreign partner must have executed works (which need not be similar in nature) of total put together of value INR 10.64 crore or more outside the country of the foreign partner.

Tender document can only be obtained after registration of tenderer on the website

Source: DMRC- Tender | Image Credit (representational): DMRC