Delhi Metro Update: Tender invited for operation of Baggage Handling System (BHS) equipment at stations of Airport Express Line

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) has invited open e-tenders from eligible applicants, who fulfil qualification criteria for Operation of Baggage Handling System (BHS) equipment at stations of Airport Express Line of Delhi Metro (New Delhi, Shivaji Stadium, Airport and IICC-Dwarka Sector-25 (Including BHS SCADA & Tunnel BHS at Airport) Metro Stations) and BHS Equipment installed in metro trains of Airport Express Line of Delhi Metro.

  • Tender Reference Number: OOMisc-1435
  • Name of Work: Operation of Baggage Handling System (BHS) equipment at stations of Airport Express Line of Delhi Metro (New Delhi, Shivaji Stadium, Airport and IICC-Dwarka Sector-25 (Including BHS SCADA & Tunnel BHS at Airport) Metro Stations) and BHS Equipment installed in metro trains of Airport Express Line of Delhi Metro.
  • Approximate Cost of Work: INR 7,79,44,000/-
  • EMD: INR 1,94,860/-
  • Completion Period: 04 Years (may be further extended up to 6 months after performance review)
  • Document Download/Sale Start Date: 07th Aug, 2023
  • Document Download/Sale End Date: 06th Sep, 2023
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 17th Aug, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 01st Sep, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 06th Sep, 2023
  • Tender Opening Date: 08th Sep, 2023

Scope of Work:

  • Airport Express Line of Delhi Metro comprises a 24.109 km long standard gauge high speed rail corridor. Three of the city stations, i.e. New Delhi (NDRU), Shivaji Stadium (SJSU), and IICC-Dwarka Sector-25 (IICC) stations are equipped with baggage check in facilities while the Airport (APOT) Station is equipped with baggage unloading and transfer facilities and is connected to Delhi International Airport Ltd.
  • T3 terminal’s IGI Airport Baggage Makeup Area of its Baggage Handling System. Via check-in facility, checked-in Bags are brought to a container at the loading station where Checked-in Bags are loaded into containers that will in turn be transported towards the designated compartment of the train.
  • All 8 trains have one train compartment that is partially equipped with container handling facilities. Each of these cars can transport up to 7 containers at any one time from the check-in stations to the airport station.
  • All luggage and container movements are controlled by a supervisory control system with minimal operator intervention. Connections to a higher level IT control system provide operations with necessary performance data and as such the higher level IT system has been provided to provide baggage reconciliation and container control between the stations.
  • City Check In Baggage will move from the city check-in facilities metro stations to the Airport Metro Station and not vice versa. Overall baggage transfer time from check-in point to the BHS Tunnel entry point at the airport station shall not exceed 40 minutes.

Working of the system:

  • The operator shall be operating the Baggage Handling System of Airport Express Line of Delhi Metro installed at the four stations i.e. New Delhi, Shivaji Stadium, Airport & IICC-Dwarka Sector-25 and the baggage handling system installed within the BHS Tunnel connecting Airport metro station to DIAL T3, IGI Airport Baggage Make up Area of DIAL BHS and also BHS equipments installed in all 08 trains.
  • The BHS operation time will be 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week. The contract period shall be initially for a period of 48 months (4 years) [may be extended for 06 months further after performance review] and at the discretion of DMRC.
  • The Operator should provide accurate and timely operation of various BHS equipment  installed at different locations of the Airport Express Line of Delhi Metro.

Roles, Responsibility & Qualification of BHS Operation Staff:

BHS Operation Manager:

  • He will look after the entire operation work of BHS and ensure smooth and uninterrupted running of the system installed at the stations, tunnel and metro trains.
  • He shall work mainly in the general shift and shall be responsible for the overall management and smooth operation of BHS services at all the four locations. BHS Supervisors will directly report to him.
  • He will be having a degree in engineering (Mechanical/ Electrical/Electronics) with managerial experience of handling similar operations for at least 4 Years.
  • The BHS Manager shall have the overall responsibility of the operation of the BHS System to consistently deliver high-quality operation services.
  • Provide technical direction for the operation of the systems & easily recognize system  deficiencies and implement effective solutions.
  • Coordinate between all the stations including non-baggage handling stations as appropriate & resolve all day to day operation issues in a timely manner to achieve the performance targets.
  • Identify resources needed, provide training, assign individual responsibilities, manage shift assignment to resources, monitor & review the performance of the operation team.
  • Responsible for creating, modifying and executing additional operation documents as  required during operation and revise them as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements of the operation.
  • Keep Employer’s Representative and superiors well informed of status of operation services, prepare and provide operation reports, performance reports, and management reports, and liaise between the operation team, Operation Contractor’s higher management & Employer’s Representative.
  • Communicate effectively with the Employer’s Representative to identify needs and evaluate alternative technical solutions. He shall apply significant knowledge of industry trends and developments to improve operation of the BHS System.
  • Coordinate with other operators and stakeholders of the Airport Express Line of Delhi Metro system with regard to the BHS Operation and if need arises, escalate appropriate issues to relevant stakeholders in a timely fashion.
  • Facilitate Employer’s meetings related to BHS operation effectively, attend and represent baggage handling system, on need basis, in general meetings held by the Employer.
  • Make timely & appropriate arrangements to recover the bags from a failed train under emergency situation to deliver them to DIAL within a reasonable time.

BHS Supervisor:

  • He shall work as shift in-charge for a particular station and will be responsible for efficient operation of the BHS. He will look after the complete operation of the baggage handling system in his shift.
  • All the operation/controls of the above system will be performed under his supervision. Necessary technical and supervisory reports and filekeeping will be done by him and will be reported to the BHS Operation Manager.
  • Apart from the supervising activities, he will be responsible for operating the SCADA as well. He will be responsible for viewing and monitoring the operation of all the defined areas of the BHS system through his SCADA screen.
  • He should possess a diploma in Engineering (Mechanical/ Electrical/Electronics), having a minimum of 1 year experience of similar operation.
  • The supervisor shall be responsible for the smooth operation of the BHS System for a  particular station and shift, under the overall guidance of the BHS Operation Manager.
  • Under normal as well as abnormal situations, give guidance to operation staff for smooth BHS operation.
  • In case of unavailability of a train at a particular station for loading/unloading the containers, the supervisor shall call the appropriate person of the Operation Control Centre (OCC) to identify the reason for the train-delay.
  • According to the information received from the OCC, the supervisor shall take necessary action in the BHS Operation for smooth delivery of the bags to DIAL.
  • In case of a failed train, as informed by OCC, the supervisor shall promptly inform the BHS Operation Manager and seek his guidance to carry out recovery of the bags from the failed train.
  • Under the temporary absence of the SCADA operator or BHS operator at particular time duration in a shift, he should fill the gap for uninterrupted operation of the BHS System.
  • Record and report to the BHS Operation Manager all operational data and reports as needed during the operation during his shift.
  • Provide prompt response about the BHS System to the customer care department of Airport Express Line of Delhi Metro when a manual or electronic query is reported.
  • Under a failure scenario, promptly report the failure to the concerned maintenance engineer in charge. Subsequently, enter all failure related information in the manual and/or electronic database system.

SCADA Operator (Currently the duties are taken care by BHS Supervisor):

  • The SCADA operator shall continuously monitor the BHS SCADA system to identify abnormal conditions, alarms & events.
  • Report the failure conditions immediately to the shift BHS supervisor for necessary corrective action under the scope of the BHS Operation.
  • Monitor the travel of baggage and immediately report to the BHS supervisor in case there is a chance that the baggage will be delayed due to some reason, which also includes unavailability of a train to load/unload the containers.
  • Use the “Fault Tracking System” to enter failure related information.
  • Generate necessary reports from the BHS SCADA system and the BTS system to support the BHS supervisor for collating various data & reports.

BHS Operator:

  • He shall be responsible for operation and control of the train loading and unloading process of BHS. This will include reading and operation of the platform loading/unloading control panels, positioning of loading vehicles, operating the loading bridge and loading of the container into the train.
  • He will be ITI (Electrician/Fitter/Electronics) qualified and having hands on experience of handling conveyor system of BHS/MHS
  • The BHS Operator shall load the full containers into the train and unload the empty containers out of the train by using the local control panels provided at the platform.
  • Under manual operation, the BHS Operator shall operate the BHS hoists using the control panels provided near the hoists.
  • Under manual operation, the BHS operator shall also operate the control panels available inside the train to load or unload containers into or out of the train.
  • The BHS Operator shall rectify minor problems in the BHS system without entering into the scope of work of the maintenance contractors.
  • The BHS Operator shall operate all the electrical panel boards of the BHS System as per the situation such as switching on/off the power distribution board, remote control panels, resetting a fault etc.
  • The BHS Operator shall also take care of the issues like bag jamming, motor overload, emergency stop conditions etc.

BHS Loader/Tunnel Loader:

  • They will be responsible for stuffing and de-stuffing operations.
  • They will be minimum 10th standard qualified and have a healthy physique. 
  • The BHS loader shall operate the handheld barcode scanners and the stuffing panels to stuff the bags into the containers or to de-stuff the bags out of the containers.
  • The BHS loader shall also monitor the bag & container movement on the conveyor. If the need arises, they shall align the bags and/or container for a smooth flow on the conveyor.
  • Ensure the last check in the bag is delivered to DIAL physically.
  • Assist BHS Supervisor for bag reconciliation & BTS SCADA report generation.
  • Collection of tubs from DIAL-T3 BMA as per availability to APOT Concourse BHA for next day commercial operation.


Work Experience:

  • The tenderers will be qualified only if they have successfully completed work(s), completion date(s) of which falling during the last five years ending on the last day of the month previous to the month of tender submission as given below:
    • At least one “similar work” of value of ₹ 155.89 lakh or more, or
    • At least two “similar works” each of value of ₹ 97.43 lakh or more, or
    • At least three “similar works” each of value of ₹ 77.95 lakh or more
  • Similar work for this contract shall be “Operation of automated Baggage Handling System (BHS) at Metro stations/Airports/ Similar installation.
  • If the tenderer is a JV/Consortium having foreign partner(s) and above work(s) have been executed by the foreign partner of JV and the work(s) were done in the country of the foreign partner, then in addition to this the foreign partner must have executed works (which need not be similar in nature) of total put together of value ₹ 77.95 lakh or more outside the country of the foreign partner.

Tender document can only be obtained after registration of tenderer on the website

Source: DMRC- Tender | Image Credit (representational): DMRC