DFCCIL floats tender for construction and operation of Gati Shakti Multimodal Cargo Terminal (GCT) at New Gothangam Station

Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL) has floated open e-tenders, in Single Stage Two Packet System for Plan, Construct, Develop & Operate Gati Shakti Multi-Modal Cargo Terminal (GCT) for handling cargo on future UP loop line 1A towards JNPT end of New Gothangam station on DFCCIL/Railway Land” Under Schedule-‘2’ of GCT Policy of Indian Railways.

  • Tender Reference Number: HQ-OPBD0BD(GFTD)/12/2023
  • Name of Work: Plan, construct, develop & operate Gati Shakti Multi-Modal Cargo Terminal (GCT) for handling cargo on future UP loop line 1A towards JNPT end of New Gothangam Station on DFCCIL/Railway Land” Under Schedule-‘2’ of GCT Policy of Indian Railways.
  • EMD: INR 2,06,00,607/-
  • Completion Period: 15 Years from the date of issue of LOA (including the period of construction and extension period)
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 27th Sep, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 06th Nov, 2023
  • Pre-Bid Meeting: 11th Oct, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 27th Sep, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 06th Nov, 2023
  • Tender Opening Date: 06th Nov, 2023


  • To increase freight business volumes and rail modal share in freight transport.
  • Augmenting terminal capacity through private participation by allowing setting up and operation of freight terminal facilities.
  • Development, upkeep and maintenance of freight terminal facilities such as circulating area, approach roads, lighting/illumination of platforms, warehouses/Godowns, loading/unloading etc.

Scope of Work:

Civil Works:

  • Track work (Construction of 750 mtr including track linking, Ballast and P- way materials) – on Future UP Loop Line no 1A towards JNPT end.
  • CC Road of 7.5 mtr wide & 800 mtr Length
  • Extension of Bridge no.11 Precast Box (2m×2m)
  • Platform (750 mtr x 20 mtr = 15000 sq mt)
  • Stone masonry around the platform (providing a retaining wall): = 810 metre long
  • RCC Drain – 800 metre long

Electrical Works:

  • OHE Works
  • Provision of Yard lightning with 7 nos. High Mast 16 metre with cabling/Panelling, Earthing etc for 750 metre long × 20-metre width platform lightning
  • Signalling & Telecom Works: 1 (one) nos. Electronic In-motion Weighbridge (EIMWB) (supply, installation and commissioning), (In accordance with RDSO specification WD-29-MISC-19 or latest along with PC, UPS with peripherals).

The schematic map of the New Gothangam station and proposed Gati-Shakti Multimodal Cargo Terminal is attached at Annexure-II showing the area to be leased and infrastructure to be developed by GCTO. The minimum dimensions are specified for Platform/wharf, buildings/rooms/offices, road etc. The entire hatched portion will be leased to GCT.

GCTO shall be permitted to access the internal DFCCIL road within ROW, subject to it not creating any obstruction/hindrance to DFCCIL/other users. DFCCIL shall continue to have the Right of Way. Project Cost estimate summary and cost estimate, specifications and standard drawings are at Annexure-III and III A respectively.

The bidders are advised to undertake their independent estimation of cost as per the works listed and bid accordingly. Above is the minimum required infrastructure. GCTO may construct additional facilities in compliance with the provisions of GCT policy of Indian Railway 2022.

Time frame for completion of work:

The successful bidder shall commence construction within 03 (three) Months from the approval of ESP i.e. grant of approval of construction. The work is to be completed within 18 months from the date of approval of ESP. The Construction period and its extension/s will be included in the allotment period of 15 years of the GCT contract. This may be read with para 6 below.

Extension of Timeline:

If the GCTO fails to adhere to the prescribed timelines, one extension may be granted with the approval of GGM/OP&BD, up to a maximum of three months, considering the merits of the case.

Under exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the GCTO, GGM/OP&BD may grant a further extension of up to six months.

If the bidder fails to complete the construction even after the lapse of such extensions (as above), the Agreement shall be terminated, and Performance Guarantee shall be forfeited. At the time of cancellation of the Agreement, the DFCCIL/Railway land shall revert to DFCCIL.

General Terms and Conditions:

The Gati Shakti Cargo Terminal is to be developed entirely/partially on DFCCIL/Railway land under Indian Railway’s Gati Shakti Multimodal Cargo Terminal (GCT) policy’ 2022 (Schedule 2). GCTO shall not sublease/ sub-license/ mortgage DFCCIL/Railway land and shall not create any third- party encumbrance on DFCCIL/Railway land.

The GCTO will bear the entire cost of the GCT from the take-off point onwards (to be marked on the Engineering scale plan (ESP) at the serving station. The ownership of infrastructure including the track, signalling equipment and OHE created on DFCCIL/Railway land i.e., track, OHE and signalling equipment etc. shall belong to Railway/DFCCIL, except for the infrastructure on Railway/DFCCIL land leased to GCTO, in which case the ownership will be with GCTO till the contract is valid.

Upon completion and/or termination of the contract, any infrastructure (other than that included in the Scope of work) installed by the GCTO within the area licensed to it will have to be dismantled and removed at its own cost, either fully/partially, from DFCCIL premises, if so asked by DFCCIL.

The capital expenditure required for augmenting or upgrading the facilities and infrastructure on the connectivity portion from the take-off point onwards towards terminal and within the premises of terminal shall be borne by the GCTO. Maintenance and up-keep of facilities within GCTi. Responsibility for maintaining the track and signalling equipment shall be as per the provisions of Para 7 of GCT policy-2022 and Schedule-3 of GCT Policy-2022. Responsibility of maintaining loading/ unloading wharf(s), roads, drainage, etc., shall rest with the GCTO.

GCTO shall also be responsible to ensure that the entire infrastructure of Terminal is properly maintained and is duly upgraded/ replaced at the end of codal life, as per Good Industry Practices. The GCTO shall maintain/up-keep the facilities at the GCT in proper manner and to the entire satisfaction of the DFCCIL administration at its own cost.

The GCTO shall comply with all the instructions given by DFCCIL in this regard from time to time during the tenure of the contract. The GCT premises shall be kept clean and devoid of any unwanted material, debris etc.

Loading platform, DFCCIL’s office room, merchant room, Labourer’s room etc, Toilet facilities, and Drinking water facilities shall always be kept in fit, clean and hygienic condition. Accumulation of drainage water in or around the Goods shed, Canteen & Circulating area, etc. shall not be allowed.

Instructions of DFCCIL or its authorised representatives shall be adhered to with regard to cleanliness and any other aspects. Consent to Establish & ‘Consent to Operate’ for the Terminal shall be obtained by the GCTO from the State Pollution Control Authorities.

DFCCIL can impose a fine on the GCTO if the desired level of upkeep/ maintenance of assigned facilities at the GCT terminal are found unsatisfactory during the currency of the contract. Fine up to Rs. 25,000/- at a time, for unsatisfactory maintenance and upkeep of the facilities may be imposed by AGM(OP&BD). The penalty may go up to Rs 1,00,000 at a time under approval of GGM/OP&BD.

A multidisciplinary team nominated by GGM/OP&BD/DFCCIL/joint team (comprising of AGM/TS, AGM(OP&BD), Dy.CPM/Engineering, JGM/S&T & DGM/Electrical/WC) shall inspect the GCT at least once a year to ensure that there is no breach of Agreement or policy provisions by the GCTO.

In addition, inspections will be conducted by DFCCIL officials that the GCTO shall ensure that either the complete inward traffic or the complete inward traffic or the complete outward traffic, for each commodity handled, is transported through the Railway system. The GCTO shall use Railway land for activities related to Railway cargo business only.

If the GCTO indulges in any commercial activity not related to Railway Cargo business on Railway land or fails to adhere to the provisions of GCT policy the Agreement for GCT will be terminated (as per termination clause) without any compensation/termination payment to the GCTO. In case of any dispute the decision of the nodal officer (i.e. GGM/OP&BD) shall be final and binding on the GCTO.


The technical eligibility for the work as per para 3 of Section-III above, shall be as following:

At least one member of JV shall have at least two years’ experience in manufacturing, transportation, or logistics and related business.

The net worth of the lead partner of the JV shall not be less than 51% of the total net worth eligibility criteria of the tender mentioned at para 3.4 of Section-III above. The arithmetic sum of individual “net worth” of all the members shall be taken as JV’s “net worth” to satisfy this requirement.


Applicant shall have at least two years ‘experience in manufacturing or transportation, or logistics and related business. In the case of JV, the experience of any JV member will be counted.

Revenue from eligible sectors should be at least 35% of estimated cost of project, for any two financial years during the last five years prior to the date of issue of Notice Inviting Tender, either from single or multiple works.

The Tender document can be downloaded from IREPS website www.ireps.gov.in and DFCCIL’s website www.dfccil.com

Source: DFCCIL- Tender | Image Credit (representational): DFCCIL