DFCCIL invites tender for carrying out detailed technical inspection for bridges from New Rewari to New Kishangarh

Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL) has invited open e-tenders, in Single Stage Two Packet System for Carrying out detailed technical inspection of important/major (Girder) bridges of DFCCIL from New Rewari to New Kishangarh under CGM Jaipur.

  • Tender Reference Number: JP-EN-BI-JP-2023-17
  • Name of Work: Carrying out detailed technical inspection of important/major (Girder) bridges of DFCCIL from New Rewari to New Kishangarh under CGM Jaipur.
  • Estimated Cost of Work: INR 41,09,350/-
  • EMD: INR 82,200/-
  • Completion Period: 06 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 04th Sep, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 25th Sep, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 10th Sep, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 25th Sep, 2023
  • Tender Opening Date: 25th Sep, 2023


  • Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd. (DFCCIL), a public sector undertaking has been set up under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 (Amended 2013). DFCCIL is a Special Purpose Vehicle set up under the administrative control of Ministry of Railways to undertake planning & development, mobilisation of financial resources and construction, maintenance and operation of these Dedicated Freight Corridors on various identified routes in India.
  • Government of India is the sole shareholder of the DFCCIL. DFCCIL has planned to construct a Dedicated Freight Corridor covering about 3338 route Kilometres on Eastern and Western Corridors.
  • The coverage of the Eastern Corridor is from Ludhiana to Dankuni and Western Corridor is planned from Jawaharlal Nehru Port, Mumbai to Dadri near Delhi. DFCCIL has decided to Carry out Detailed inspection of Girder Bridges of DFCCIL under CGM, Jaipur.

Functional Scope:

  • The work to be carried out under this contract includes Carrying out Detailed technical inspection of Important/Major (Girder) Bridges of DFCCIL from New Rewari to New Kishangarh under CGM Jaipur and submitting an inspection report.
  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the contract document, the scope of work briefed herein shall be treated as the scope of Work for the Contract in addition to the requirements of the other sections of the Contract documents.
  • The scope of work is representative and will include all works required to successfully fulfil the requirement of “Detailed Technical Inspection of Girder Bridges”, not limited to items listed herein below. The scope of work will apply to every Girder Bridge for which the detailed inspection is carried out under this contract.

Scope of Work:

  • To study the drawings and records of previous inspections carried out and any repairs undertaken.
  • To review the data regarding various parameters of the bridge recorded through the instrumentation carried out on the bridge, if any.
  • To carry out detailed technical inspection of the bridge and record all observations and submit relevant evidence related to the Bridge Inspection in the prescribed format of DFCCIL and also record the inspection observations in Bridge Inspection Register/eregister.
  • For this, the bridge inspector is directed to follow the technical “Guidelines for bridge inspection issued by DFCCIL” and if on any aspect of bridge DFCCIL’s guidelines are not available, then Indian Railway Bridge Inspection guidelines are to be followed.
  • To provide numerical rating with regards to the condition of the Bridge and its various components in line with the Numerical Rating system of Laid in Part-II of this tender document.
  • To submit an inspection report if there is a need for any special investigation/testing/repairs recommended to be carried out on the bridge or for any other recommendation which cannot be provided through the BMS.
  • To provide any clarification sought by DFCCIL officials about the findings and recommendations related to the bridge inspection carried out.
  • Location: Works are to be executed in the jurisdiction of CGM Jaipur from New Rewari (Ch.1334.52) to New Kishangarh (Ch. 1050.50) of WDFC. However, DFCCIL reserves the right to change the site of work, anywhere in DFCCIL and the consultant shall be bound to execute the work.


  • The tenderer shall provide satisfactory evidence in support of their technical and financial eligibility, which are acceptable to DFCCIL, as follows:
    • For Technical eligibility criteria, the details will be submitted in Form No. 2A along with supporting documents.
    • For Financial eligibility criteria, the details will be submitted in Form No. 2B along with supporting documents.
  • The tenderer shall submit the completion certificates/certified completion certificates from the client(s) or certified Photostat of original certificates of client. All documents either original or photocopy should be attested by Notary.
  • These certificates should indicate the details of works carried out and successful commissioning of similar types of work executed by the tenderer.
  • Completion certificate issued by Railways/Highways, any Central/State Govt. Department/ PSU of India or Autonomous Body of Central/State Govt. of India will be accepted.
  • The certificate from Private individual/Private Company for whom such works are executed shall not be accepted.

Work Experience:

  • The Bridge Inspector should have a minimum experience of 5 years, out of which a minimum experience of 3 years should be in Bridge design or Bridge construction or Bridge maintenance.

The Tender document can be downloaded from IREPS website www.ireps.gov.in and DFCCIL’s website www.dfccil.com

Source: DFCCIL- Tender | Image Credit (representational): DFCCIL