Eastern Railway commissions automatic coach washing plants at various places for better cleaning of suburban trains

In an endeavour to maintain a better standard of coach cleaning vis-à-vis conserving environment with reduced waste of water, Eastern Railway has installed Automatic Coach Washing Plants (ACWP) at various places.

More Details:

  • The EMU Car-shed at Howrah has also been provided with an automatic coach washing plant to provide quality cleaning for the EMU trains which cater to lakhs of commuters everyday.
  • The Automatic Coach Washing Plant is a multistage external cleaning system for coaches in rakes, using detergent solution, high pressure water jet and vertical rotating brushes. In addition, it has an Effluent Treatment system and water softening plants for use of soft water for external washing.
  • For o­ne rake of 12 coaches EMU train it takes o­nly 7 to 8 minutes for exterior washing of the entire rake. At an average, per day, 13 EMU rakes are washed through this ACWP at Howrah EMU Carshed.

  • The plant is equipped with a sensor based facility for the start of washing after train entry. The washing system will use o­nly 20% of the fresh water for each train while the remaining 80% of the water which will be used would be recycled water.
  • Controlled application of detergent leads to consistent cleaning causes no damage to exterior colour and optimum use of materials, and thus ensuring improved quality of exterior washing without damage to the paint or compromising o­n the aesthetic look of coaches.
  • A group of efficient staff & officers regularly monitor these cleaning aspects, so that local passengers’ mainly daily passengers’ satisfaction level can be maintained. Throughout the year a big depot like Howrah maintained this circle for local trains.

Source: Eastern Railway- Press Release | Images Credit: Eastern Railway