Eastern Railway commissions electronic interlocking system at Asansol east receiving goods cabin

Eastern Railway has commissioned Siemens make (Westrace) Electronic Interlocking system with centralised architecture at the Asansol East Receiving Goods Cabin in Asansol Division.

More Details:

Previously this Cabin was operated by lever frame and now it has been replaced by Electronic Interlocking System. This significant milestone is a testament to the exceptional teamwork and dedication of the Divisional Railway Manager/Asansol, Dy. Chief Signal & Telecommunication Engineer/Project & their talented teams.

The salient features of Electronic Interlocking for Asansol East Receiving Goods Cabin are as follows:

  • The Non Track Circuited area has been converted to ensure safety and integrity.
  • Total Routes: 44
  • Total Point Machines installed: 10
  • Siemens make MSDAC having14 Nos DP and 6 Nos track sections,
  • Total Nos. of Dummy Main Signals: 06
  • Total Nos. of Shunt Signals: Independent: 02, Dependent: 06.
  • 1 No. of Integrated Power Supply (IPS) systems (HBL) commissioned.
  • Efftronics make Data loggers
  • Automatic Fire Alarm & Detection System provided at Asansol East Receiving El Cabin.
  • Active Lightning Arrester of Class A provided above building of Asansol East

The electronic interlocking system at the Asansol East Receiving Goods Cabin represents a leap forward in Railway signalling technology, enhancing the safety, efficiency and reliability of Railway operations in the region. This state-of-the-art system is poised to bring about a transformative impact o­n the entire Railway network within the Asansol Division. 

The successful commissioning of this Electronic Interlocking is the result of meticulous planning, rigorous testing and tireless efforts by the dedicated teams involved. Their commitment to ensuring the safety of the Railway operations and the seamless movement of trains is commendable.

The Electronic Interlocking system will not o­nly improve Railway safety but also contribute to reducing delays, enhancing passenger & freight services and promoting overall Railway efficiency. The Asansol division is poised for a brighter & more technologically advanced future with this remarkable achievement.

Shri Amar Prakash Dwivedi, General Manager, Eastern Railway expressed his gratitude for the hard work & dedication exhibited by the team.

Shri Chetna Nand Singh, Divisional Railway Manager, Asansol remarked this achievement underscores our commitment to modernising & enhancing the efficiency of Railway operations. It could not have been possible without the exemplary teamwork and technical prowess of our professionals. The successful commissioning of the Electronic Interlocking system reflects our unwavering dedication to advancing Railway technology. It will undoubtedly result in safer & more efficient train movement.

Source: Eastern Railway- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR