Eastern Railway’s Kanchrapara Railway Workshop receives ‘GreenCo Gold’ & ‘IGBC Platinum’ ratings

Eastern Railway’s Kanchrapara Railway Workshop received “GREENCO GOLD” rating and “IGBC PLATINUM Rating” for the Administrative Building. Pursuing “Green” has become the new driver for companies seeking growth competitiveness and global excellence.

More Details:

  • GreenCo is a rating system, an initiative by the Confederation of Indian Industry to facilitate Indian industries to substantially improve their environmental performance thereby saving both natural and financial resources.
  • Kanchrapara Railway Workshop has done tremendous work towards the environment and has received “GREENCO GOLD” under the guidance of Shri Amar Prakash Dwivedi, General Manager, Eastern Railway and with the efforts of the concerned team including all officers.
  • To get this rating, Kanchrapara Workshop has taken intensive measures to harness solar energy to promote renewable energy through its available rooftop area and total 2300 KWp plants have already been commissioned with which 320454 kWh of solar energy has been generated in 2023-24 up to June 2023.
  • At present about 39% of day time consumption of Workshop is met with the generated renewable energy. Further, Work is in progress for the 1550 KWp capacity of the Rooftop Solar plant which will be commissioned at the earliest.
  • These measures have played a big role in acquiring the “GREENCO GOLD” rating for the Kanchrapara Workshop and “IGBC PLATINUM Rating” for the Administrative building recently. Kanchrapara Workshop is taking various measures to reduce Carbon Emission in line with the National Mission of the targeted Net Zero by 2030. 
  • The workshop has a green belt with deep gorges which raise the water table of the workshop as well as the surrounding area. The workshop has norms for disposal of waste material so that no waste shall be sent to the landfill.
  • The workshop team has also done tree plantations, awareness and training programmes regarding environment sustainability etc. in nearby campuses.

Source: Eastern Railway- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): Eastern Railway