Eastern Railway’s Malda Division pushes rooftop solar panels to meet the energy requirements of various stations with solar power

In an endeavour to become ‘Net Zero Carbon Emission Railway’, Eastern Railway’s Malda Division has adopted a multi-pronged approach towards de-carbonization & green energy utilisation emphasising o­n solar energy.

More Details:

  • Eastern Railway is o­ne of the zonal Railway in Indian Railways network which has taken giant strides aimed at the conservation of energy.
  • Under the able guidance of Shri Amar Prakash Dwivedi, General Manager/Eastern Railway and leadership of Divisional Railway Manager/Malda, Shri Vikas Chaube, the Malda Division is working o­n an ambitious project to meet the energy requirements of various stations with solar power.
  • In order to achieve the same, 10 KW solar power plants is already commissioned at each of Sultanganj & Barharwa stations, 300 KW at Malda town station and 30 KW at Gaur Malda station by the electrical department of Malda division to generate enough solar power to meet the energy requirement of Railway stations.
  • The commissioning of another 330 KW at 05 stations is under progress and expected to be completed by August 2023.
  • Along with the commissioned solar plant, Malda Division will make considerable savings in electricity cost which will save about Rs. 34 lakh per annum and generate approximately 1182 units of energy per day.
  • With these mega initiatives, Malda Division is joining hands with the fight against climate change and is taking significant steps towards meeting its ambitious goal of being a net-zero carbon emissions organisation.

Source: Eastern Railway- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): Central Railway

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