Eastern Railway’s Patna-Howrah Vande Bharat unveils innovative upgraded interior features for redefining travel comfort

Patna-Howrah Vande Bharat, India’s premier high-speed train service, is proud to announce the introduction of a host of cutting-edge interior features designed to enhance passenger comfort and elevate the travel experience.

More Details:

These exciting additions reaffirm Vande Bharat’s commitment to delivering world-class travel solutions to its passengers. The new interior features are mentioned below.

Ergonomic Seating:

Passengers can now enjoy spacious, ergonomically designed seats that offer superior comfort during their journey. These seats provide ample legroom (improved accessibility to footrest achieved with addition of a bracket) and support for a relaxed travel experience. The seat cushion hardness has been reduced from 290 N to 250 N @ 25 % deformation. The seat reclination is increased from 17°-31°to 19° -37°.

Magazine Bags for Executive Class (End Seats):

Vande Bharat understands that Executive Class passengers value convenience and luxury. To cater to these preferences, magazine bags are introduced for end wall facing seats in the Executive Class. These magazine bags are not just functional; they are a statement of elegance and attention to detail. Each magazine bag is carefully designed to hold a selection of curated reading materials, including magazines, newspapers, and travel guides.

Refreshing Seat Colour Upgrade:

The ambiance of the Executive Class is integral to the overall experience. With this in mind, Vande Bharat has undergone a refreshing transformation in the seat colour scheme within the Executive Class cabins. The new seat colours in Executive class harmonise with the interior decor, creating a visually appealing and tranquil environment for our Executive Class passengers.

Wash Basin Depth Enhancement:

As part of our commitment to passenger comfort, we have deepened the sinks. This design enhancement allows passengers to use the sinks with ease and ensures less water splashing of water in lavatories.

Enhanced Lighting:

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a pleasant ambiance within the train. Vande Bharat has upgraded the panel illumination LED facilities with enhancement from 1.5 W to 2.5 W. Passengers can now enjoy well-lit spaces that promote relaxation and ease of movement. 

Modern Handle Designs with Base Plates:

Handles are a vital part of any train’s toilet interior, especially for safety and stability. Vande Bharat has introduced modern handle designs with base plates, which not o­nly improve the grip and support but also add a touch of contemporary style to the train’s interior. 

Green Building Aerators for Water Conservation:

Vande Bharat is committed to sustainability and minimising its environmental footprint. To this end, we have incorporated green building aerators in our restroom faucets. These aerators control water flow without compromising functionality, significantly reducing water consumption. This eco-friendly initiative aligns with our mission to promote responsible travel and preserve precious natural resources.

Elevated Accessibility:

Vande Bharat has taken steps to enhance accessibility for passengers with disabilities, making travel more inclusive and convenient for all. Provision is provided for securing points for wheelchairs. 

  • In addition to this the new and improved upper trim panel enhances the aesthetics and durability of the train coaches, ensuring a comfortable and modern ambiance for passengers. In addition, the innovative hammer box cover strengthens safety measures o­n board, providing quick access to emergency tools when needed.
  • Moreover, the borderless emergency talk back unit integrates seamlessly into the train’s interior, enabling efficient communication between passengers and staff during emergencies. These enhancements underscore Vande Bharat’s commitment to excellence and passenger well-being, setting a new benchmark for railway technology innovation.

Shri Kausik Mitra, Chief Public Relations Officer/Eastern Railway, expressed his enthusiasm for these new interior features, stating, “Our commitment to delivering a world-class travel experience has never been stronger and all these features are included in our newly introduced Howrah-Patna Vande Bharat Express. These interior upgrades are a testament to our dedication to passenger comfort and satisfaction. We believe that these enhancements will redefine the way people travel in India.”

He further added that Patna – Howrah Vande Bharat invites passengers to experience these remarkable interior features o­n their next journey. With a commitment to safety, efficiency, and passenger well-being, Vande Bharat continues to be a symbol of India’s progress in the world of high-speed rail.

Source: Eastern Railway- Press Release | Image Credit (representational): Southern Railway