ECoR launches Priority Freight Train Movement Scheme

East Coast Railway has launched “Priority Freight Train Movement Scheme (PFTMS)” which is first of its kind by any Railway. The objective of this scheme is to facilitate the customers to move their loaded trains from loading points to unloading points, located in East Coast Railway within the targeted transit time, which will meet the urgent requirement of the customers.

  • The scheme is applicable to all commodities being loaded and unloaded within the jurisdiction of East Coast Railway. 
  • Under this scheme, willing customers have to apply to the Sr Divisional Commercial Manager of the respective division i.e. Khurda Road, Waltair and Sambalpur railway division for entering into agreements. 
  • Under this scheme, the customer will be guaranteed with targeted transit time pertaining to the particular origin-destination pair, and the customers are to pay 10% additional freight as premium over the base freight at the time of issue of RR at booking point. 

Recent Achievement: 

To improve the safe train operations with maintaining punctuality, modern technologies are being used in the Railway Signalling System. Dual Visual Display Units (VDU) with hot standby are being used for seamless train operations in the yard as hot standby provides zero changeover time during one system failure.

  • This system redundancy increased and more convenient for fast train operations due to dual VDU.
  • Apart from this, this will surge protection as compared to panel operation due to provision of OFC communication between system and VDU.
  • Similarly, High Availability Single Section Digital Axle Counter (HASSDAC), another modern technology being used to improve the punctuality of trains and reduces the detention of trains. 
  • East Coast Railway has converted the Down Last Vehicle Checking Device (LVCD) into High Availability Single Section Digital Axle Counter (HASSDAC) between Kapilas Road and Byree Stations which will improve the reliability. 
  • This system having two numbers of SSDAC and provision of Automatic Resetting System during failure of one system one SSDAC fails, other SSDAC resets the failed SSDAC system. 
  • So, during the failure of one system the other system continue to works.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dual Visual Display Unit for seamless train operation 
  • This will maintain punctuality of trains.
  • High Availability Single Section Digital Axle Counter are being used in Signalling system. 
  • If one fails another will continue to work.
  • More convenient and fast operation.

About HASSDAC System:

High Availability Single Section Digital Axle Counter (HASSDAC) is the advanced version of SSDAC, in which redundancy is ensured in counting, processing, communication, output relay and power supply. Also optional redundancy in SCC cards and track devices is provided.

Auto reset feature is given in which if out of two processing units in HASSDAC one unit fails then that unit will get reset automatically. The HASSDAC is developed to ensure the availability of Digital Axle Counter, thereby eliminating the possibility of failure.

Source: East Coast Railway-Press Release | Image Credit (representational): East Coast Railway

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