Special Article : Emotions The Pause and Rippling Logics for Sustainable Infrastructure

The current time of absolute PAUSE has come out from centrally located emotions of security of each one of us and compelling for deep contemplation to introspect way forward once nature permits to take fresh guard after pressing reboot. Everyone has to cover horizontal span of life through lens of emotions called Mission that resides in heart and its quality being governed by adhering to logics known as Vision which comes from brain. The combination of emotion and logic gives birth to sustainability as its first principle, the purpose, “No Poverty”, that reflects why, to explore means of how to “Reduce Inequalities” to end with deliverance objective of what which can be termed as prosperity, “Life on Land”.

The sequential journey of various phases of sustainable parameters is essence of never landing again to the great pause and avoiding encircling fear & uncertainty. Existence bodies of railway infrastructure have to ensure good health & wellbeing, thus, must be taken care associated workers for food security, quality education and no disparity in employment of genders. Railway infrastructure plays role of veins to run basic amenities of mankind to reach the greater purpose of emotions to attain prosperity of a country. Therefore, huge built up network necessitates compliance to clean water & sanitation and owning of social distancing as cultural heritage for its maintenance or further expansion. The robust methodology of cleanliness & sanitation that learnt from few most effective countries in time of current global crisis shall be strictly implemented.  

Intactness of environment guides for substantial carbon dioxide equivalent reduction and we should appreciate ongoing efforts for clean & affordable energy by electrifying entire railway networks and running this system through renewable energy only.  It may lead to bring pollution level to half from existing contribution of 25% globally from infrastructure. Rail Infra impacts economy of India to five folds from level of investment to particular segment. It works as pivotal fulcrum for economic growth leading to prosperity of individual & country. Along with this, decent works in compliance to quality strategy of confirmatory, adoptability in evolution makes the purpose unique and everlasting.

Continuously and over usage of refresh buttons, enhances awareness horizon of each individual and rather practising on learnt awareness, we need to act on radical principle of emotions with inside out paradigm from emotions to logics, thus, yielding numerous innovations. Insightful & deep connect of emotions always creates rippling affect to awake us and adoption of correct waves in enhancing innovation index which is key to sustainable model. Tactfully, we have been able to apply forms of innovation such as research, breakthrough, disruptive and now, converging all logics in creating always sustaining innovation to have persistence positive impact to environment. Prima facie, in short run, it may look meagre economical contrast but its usage over period of time depicts most economic viable and facilitating dissemination of vortex of inequalities.

Drive for responsible production and consumption is paramount in attaining effective financial parameters and shows discipline of usage of resources. 1/3rd of entire cost in railways constitute on services, which is under constant revolution from traditional to RAMS (reliability, availability, maintainability, safety), PPIMS (performance, process, information, monitoring, standards), PBRIM (performance-based rail infrastructure maintenance). This infrastructure requires mammoth material and utilization of it to the best of its permissible stresses as well its consumption pattern in circular way rather traditional linear shall be adding value to the investment. Thereby, worldwide lender promotes climate action to reach sustenance.

The sharping axe of global innovation index to become habitant of global competitive index through global talent competitive index shall be outcome from current scenario and will be providing a formidable position to India. As entrepreneur talent combines the creativity, innovation, flexibility, adaptability, risk taking, and agility needed to successfully navigate a world in constant flux. Coupler of such innovations & originator emotions will be constantly improving indexes of ease of doing business, corruption perception, logistics performance, competitiveness to make each one of us & country prosperous. The chaotic pause locking down door shall be unlocking numerous new avenues by building infrastructure on principle of coexistence of economy & ecology.        

Better & responsible efficiency and effectiveness directs a convergence of existing technical systems & solutions for quality, safety, security management systems to reach the future “Digital Railway”. New generation trains will consume less energy, with lighter components reducing life cycle cost of rail sub-systems, less aggressive towards track, environment inclusive of noise & vibration with recovery of energy from regenerative braking systems. Shifting from legacy to sensors as moving block system where blocks are defined in real-time by computers as safe zones around each train by determining its location in relation to all other trains and sets respective safe speed, thereby, increasing line’s overall capacity.

Emotional pause acts as mirror to reflect our condition and till date progress on infrastructure. Each standstill gives direction to realign our logics from all rippling impact on path ahead of rail infrastructure. Periodically, nature shall be bringing pauses and at same time, running of robust network for requisite economic growth and prosperity of the country purely on sustaining innovations, shall be landing on very momentary and almost no adverse effect for such lock down. The journey from cause why to outcome what always remain pleasant & blissful once the logics determinant how always complies to sustaining model of business by adhering to sustainable development goals and only task that mankind to do is pressing refresh buttons of short transient technological architecture.

Author :

Mr. R. K. Pandey,

Head International Business,

Core Infra (Transportation, T&D)