Exclusive Interview with Dr. Tansen Chaudhari, Managing Director and CEO, Fluid Controls Private Limited

Interview Insights:

Rail Analysis: Congratulations on your appointment as the Managing Director and CEO of M/s Fluid Controls. Please let us know how did you start in this sector and what are some of the key challenges you faced during this journey?

Dr. Tansen Chaudhari: Thank you very much for your well wishes on this title change/promotion. Although I was in the driving seat before as well, this title change has highlighted the same, perhaps even more so now! Of course, the journey thus far has been a fantastic rollercoaster ride. Our customers, partner suppliers, and the main backbone—our employees—are part of this march towards excellence. As a Fluid Controls head, I have had the cooperation and support of all of them. A few notable challenges in this journey were Cost-Quality-Delivery Pressure. Carving an amicable path led us to the stage where we are currently.



Rail Analysis: Over the years, we have seen Fluid Controls go from strength to strength and become a key player in the railway and metro industry. Please share some insights on your footprint in the Indian and Intemational market along with which products and services are you involved in today?

Dr. Tansen Chaudhari: Innovation is the key factor that helped Fluid Controls as a strength. Like me (a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from IT Bombay and with global experience in General Electric in various roles for 10 years), our founder, Dr. YE Moochhala, was also a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. This helped me line up the innovation strategy for the organization. I invested a lot in Fluid Controls’ R&D infrastructure, keeping the foresight, though we did not eam much in those years. Futuristic investment in people and technology were major factors for us. Our Test Lab is state-of-the-art and NABL-accredited, which is a big recognition for us as a manufacturing organisation. Our investment in technology and challenging ourselves has been really instrumental in differentiating ourselves with respect to competition.

Rather, we worked directly with our customers to improve the product’s performance beyond their expectations. We have 2 USA/Global Patents, which help us uniquely offer bestinclass products to our customers. Few of the customers have also believed in our technology and quality without worrying about L1 as a preference. This mindset change is also an equally important factor here.

Fluid Controls partners with customers to be a single source supplier for connection solutions for rail and metro brake piping applications Our line of products includes Double Ferrule Connectors, DIN Connectors, Across Frame Connectors, Threaded Adaptors, FlexiGrip Connectors, Quick Release Connectors, Isolating Cocks, Cleats & Clamping Accessories.



Rail Analysis: Recently, you have also been certified by NABL for product testing. Please share some insights into this and what value can you offer to the rail sector?

Dr. Tansen Chaudhari: Practical product expectations in the railway industry are really stringent because of the environment in which they have to operate. Just like when we make any new culinary item at home, we ourselves taste it first before serving it to our guests. At Fluid Controls, we have adopted the same philosophy, realising that performance testing for our own designed and developed products should take place at home itself. As a result, we made significant progress in product performance testing, which ultimately helped our in house Test Lab ear the NABL certification. Yes, this would not have been possible without the initial technology investment we made. Our R&D centre has been recognised as an inhouse RED centre by the Department of Science and Industrial Research (DSIR) of the Goverment of India for the last five years. This indicates that the products of Fluid Controls are designed and developed inhouse. We employ PhD holders on our R&D team and use the most recent design and analysis software. This kind of investment in People-Technology has led us to be where we are currently.



Rail Analysis: The railway sector is growing at a tremendous pace supported by rising investments in the infrastructure sector. How do you view this development and how do you intend to be “future-ready”?

Dr. Tansen Chaudhari: I might sound overconfident here, but I would like to mention that we are already futureready. Rather, we are thinking beyond it now. The Make-nindia initiative has definitely played a key role here. Our rail infrastructure ‘expansion has fueled this growth, which I say is the highest in the world. This is the best time for all Indian manufacturers’ to be part of this growth.



Rail Analysis: Innovation and R&D is necessary for all organisations to evolve and grow. How do you manage to keep innovating Your products and services and remain competitive at the same time?

Dr. Tansen Chaudhari: This is a very crucial question. Research and Development is must for any business to instil and grow. The answer in this case is to be patient and to invest before the technology demands. This requires the organisations key personnel’ vision and commitment.

From the very beginning, when Fluid Controls was founded, we had this vision and path. I’m following the same as well, Only by acting before the client needs it is possible to be ‘competitive in today’s world. So, as a manufacturer, Fluid Controls’ Values culture has played a big role. Balancing customer expectations and partner-supplier capabilities is key. Fluid Controls has invested in developing our own dedicated supplier partners. Their faith in Fluid Controls has played an equally important role.



Rail Analysis:  Anything else you would lie to share with us?

Dr. Tansen Chaudhari: Finally I would say that there is no shortcut to innovation. A values-driven culture plays an important role in attracting and retaining the best talent Every time, return-on-investment need not be the driving factor. Yes, customer sensitivity towards the supplier partner is also equally important. Our consistent delivery and product reliability have helped us be where we are today. So, a big thanks to our customers, supplier partners, and people/employees.

In the end, I do want to acknowledge the role played by brand experts like Rail Analysis as well This helped us get the right foundation for highiighting our appropriate offerings as well. So, many thanks to Rail Analysis!

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