GE Transportation’s technological innovations for Indian Railways


GE RailGE Transportation, a global digital industrial leader and supplier to the rail, mining, marine, stationary power and drilling industries is division of Boston, Massachusetts-based General Electric. As part of GE’s commitment, the digital company innovates, partners and develops technology solutions that improve the quality of life in India.

GE has been providing locomotive technology to the Indian Railways and will now be supplying 1,000 locomotives (100 per year) by 2025 through a joint venture company between GE and the Indian Railways.

The project will significantly modernize India’s rail infrastructure, providing critical support for India‘s growing economy.

Below are some of the digital offerings from GE that are currently being deployed at the Indian Railways:

Asset Performance Monitor (APM)

Asset Performance Management (APM) from GE Digital helps asset-centric organizations drive safer and more reliable operations while facilitating optimal performance at a lower sustainable cost by enabling intelligent asset strategies.

 APM‘s holistic and risk-based intelligent asset strategies balance performance and cost by considering design, operational procedures, and maintenance plans for all assets. With APM, you get an enterprise-wide view of the impact of asset performance management activities to help you make the best decisions.

APM provides best-practice work processes for reliability engineering, maintenance analysis, and environment health and safety (EH&S), as well as the capabilities of equipment data capture, integration, and visualization, along with both predictive and diagnostic analytics. APM includes software, services, and business-process-support.

Built on Predix, the operating system for the Industrial Internet, APM manages collaborative workflows between experts and operational teams while balancing cost, availability and reliability, and risk.


Locotrol Distributed Power System is a proven control and communication system that enables coordinated braking and traction power distribution between lead and remote locomotives—for faster stopping times, shorter stopping distances.

This results in increased hauling capacity, throughput and capacity, better rail adhesion, improved fuel efficiency, Increased system throughput, lowered brake pipe charging time and reduced operating costs.


The Locovision system comprises of six components, all working together to monitor the safety of your railroad. Through superior image quality cameras and real time data processing, monitor wayside assets, measure track gauge and detect intruders. Store all of this information in a robust hardware infrastructure, and avoid major asset repairs & fines.

Rail Integrity Monitor

Rail Integrity Monitor (RIM) employs innovative technology with mounted sensors under the locomotive, continuously testing rail integrity in real-time. This can reduce service interruption durations due to both broken rails and shorted track circuits.