GMRC initiates tender for Multi-Modal Integration Works in Surat metro project

In a progressive move to bolster transportation infrastructure, the Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) has initiated a tender for the Construction of Multi Modal Integration Works at various stations in Phase-1 of the Surat Metro Rail Project.

Brief about the Tender Submission:

Name of the Work: Construction of Multi Modal Integration Works for 16 Metro Stations in Corridor 1 – Priority Reach (10 Stations), and Underground (6 Stations) namely Dream City, Convention Center, Bhimrad, Women ITI, VIP Road, Althan Gam, Althan Tenement, Rupali Canal, Majura Gate, Kadarsha Ni Nal, Chowk Bazaar, Maskati Hospital, Surat Railway Station, Central Warehouse, Labheswar Chowk, and Kapodra Under Surat Metro Rail Project Phase-1.

Tender Reference Number GMRC/MMI-1/SURAT/PH-1/2024
EMD Cost (in Rs.) 02 Crore
Contract Period 18 Months
Document Download Start Date 25th Feb, 2024
Bid Submission Start Date 25th Feb, 2024
Bid Submission End Date 09th Apr, 2024
Pre Bid Meeting Date 07th Mar, 2024
Tender Opening Date 09th Apr, 2024

Scope of Works:

This tender is for construction of Metro commuter facilities mainly consisting of bus stops, footpaths, cycle tracks, PBS, pick-up/drop-off bays / facilities for buses, auto rickshaws, Taxis, Cars and two wheelers, parking facilities with vehicle electric charging facility, foot over bridges, street lighting, CCTV Cameras, signages, road markings, construction of drains, medians, plantation, landscaping, public conveniences and more, in Metro Station influence area.

  • The tender for the Surat Metro Project involves constructing various commuter facilities such as bus stops, footpaths, cycle tracks, parking with electric charging, and street lighting.
  • Contractors are required to conduct site visits and clear obstacles like trees and buildings to facilitate construction.
  • Approved construction methods must align with GMRC’s standards for quality and safety.
  • Excavated material is to be disposed of at approved landfill sites to ensure environmental compliance.
  • Additionally, the scope includes provisions for footways with cable ducts, temporary traffic diversion works, road maintenance, and measures to minimise pollution.
  • Quality assurance, utility trenching, geotechnical investigations, site clearing, handover procedures, maintenance activities, and document submission are also part of the project scope.
  • The value of the work will be determined based on the accepted rates outlined in the letter of acceptance..

Eligibility Criteria:

The minimum requirements to ‘Pass’ the criteria is the Average Annual Turnover for the last five financial years for Civil / – Construction only (in terms of rupee equivalent adjusted to the last date of the financial year that ended on or before 31.03.2023. By assuming 5% escalation for Indian Rupee and 2% for foreign currency per year) shall not be less than INR 110.00 Crore.

  • The “similar works” means the work of urban streets, footpaths, side drains, lane markings, signages, bus stops, retrofitting of existing streets and other soft infrastructure:
    • At least one similar work of value INR 85.00 Crore, or
    • Two similar works each of value INR 55.00 Crore, or
    • Three similar works each of value INR 45.00 Crore


GMRC’s endeavour to enhance multi-modal integration in the Surat Metro Project showcases a forward-thinking approach towards addressing urban mobility challenges. The initiative holds the promise of fostering seamless connectivity and facilitating a more efficient and sustainable transportation system for Surat’s populace.

The complete documents can be downloaded from

Source: GMRC- Tender