GMRC issues tender for Multi-Modal Integration Works in Ahmedabad Metro Project

In a move to enhance connectivity and accessibility for commuters, the Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) has released a tender for the Construction of Multi Modal Integration Works at various stations in Phase-1 & 2 of the Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project.

Brief about the Tender Submission:

Name of the Work: Construction of Multi Modal Integration Works for (I) Line-1 from Motera to Mahatma Mandir – 20 Stations & (II) Line-2 from GNLU To Gift City – 2 Stations In Connection with Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project, Phase-2 and Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project Phase-1 for 2 Stations.

Tender Reference NumberGMRC/MMI-1/AHMEDABAD/PH-II/2024
EMD Cost (in Rs.)15,000,000/-
Document Download Start Date13th Feb, 2024
Bid Submission Start Date13th Feb, 2024
Bid Submission End Date30th Mar, 2024
Pre Bid Meeting Date27th Feb, 2024
Tender Opening Date30th Mar, 2024


GMRCL has undertaken Planning and Design of Multi-Modal Integration at Metro Stations of Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar Metro Lines. Consultancy work for Implementation of Multimodal Integration Plan for (I) Line-1 from Motera to Mahatma Mandir – 20 Stations & (II) Line-2 from GNLU to GIFT City – 2 Stations in connection with Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project, Phase-II and Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project Phase I – 2 Stations.

The consultancy work includes preparation of station integration and access/egress plans and last mile connectivity involving provision of adequate footpaths, cycle tracks, drop-off/ pick-up bays for buses, feeder modes, autos/ taxis, private vehicles, landscaping and station area beautification with urban street furniture, lighting, signages, the influence area of Metro stations up to 500 m radius.

The overall emphasis will be to provide ease of access/ dispersal to the Metro rail commuters as well as the other existing road users. It will include restructuring/ reconfiguration of Right of Way (ROW) i.e. carriageways and footpaths, junctions, signages, traffic signals, shifting/ re-routing of ground and underground utilities, shifting of Bus stops, providing cycle track, parking restrictions, etc.

Scope of Works:

  • The above measures will mainly comprise of improvements to footpaths in the designated station influence area including Road works, Storm water drain works, development/extension of footpath under the Metro station, Geometric improvement to Junctions, providing handrails, lane marking, cat‐eyes etc, and providing traffic management measures along with the junction improvements such as central medians, signals and signage (cautionary & informatory), Tree guards, street furniture (like dust bin, benches, bus stop, bollards, etc), landscaping, street lights, etc within the Metro station influence area. The contractor shall have to coordinate with utility agencies and other stakeholders for shifting of their junction/pillar boxes and for improvement of junctions.
  • The works shall be carried out in due consultation with concerned agencies viz., GMC, AMC Undertaking, RTO, Traffic Police, Reliance Energy, Reliance Infrastructure Ltd, TATA Power, GGL, BSNL and other utility agencies.

Construction Phase:

  • The Construction Phase for the whole or a part of the Permanent Works shall commence immediately upon the issue of Good for Construction Drawings (GFCDs) to the contractor.
  • The Construction Phase shall include the completion of construction in all respects and submission of the As Built Drawings and other records as specified.
  • Notwithstanding Clause above, the Construction Phase may commence immediately upon the issue of the GFCDs in respect of each such element subject to availability of the site in accordance with agreed programme.


The minimum requirements to ‘Pass’ this criteria is that the Average Annual Turnover for the last five financial years for Construction works only (in terms of rupee equivalent adjusted to last date of the financial year that ended on or before 31.03.2023. by assuming 5% escalation for Indian Rupee and 2% for foreign currency per year) shall not be less than INR 570.00 million.

Work Experience:

The tenderers will be qualified only if they have successfully completed similar work(s), as a prime contractor, joint venture member, management contractor or subcontractor completion date(s) of which falling during last seven years ending last day of the month previous to the month of tender submission as given below:

  • At least one “similar work” of value of Rs 61.00 crore or more, or
  • Two “similar works” each of value of Rs.38.00 crore or more, or
  • Three “similar works” each of value of Rs. 30.00 crore or more.

This tender signifies GMRC’s commitment to enhancing metro infrastructure and facilitating seamless transportation for the people of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

The complete documents can be downloaded from

Source: GMRC- Tender | Image Credit (representational): GMRC